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Released: 2004
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes: Paul Raymond Publications
Notes and Reviews

Billed as the first of a new series starring Ian Tate in his persona of Dirty Dog. Ian introduces himself as the chauffeur out to pick up Ashley and Angel, a couple of posh tarts, who have hired a limo to take them on a night out. Inside the limo Ian chats to the girls who start fondling each other and agree to be filmed. From then on it's express action first between the girls before they attack Ian's trousers. The girls share Ian's cock and a little silver dildo as the limo continues on its way. With the help of Angel's spit, Ian penetrates Ashley's arse then Ashley returns the favour. Scene ends after 45 minutes with a copious shared facial. Ashley and Angel appear frequently together, but this is as good as it gets.

Lewis Thomas is hanging around waiting for Ian and they are both waiting to meet estate agent Lucy Law. Lucy shows the guys the area, the property and the pool. For Ian, the top priority is somewhere to fuck so he checks out the bedroom where he finds a huge industrial light bulb. Back in the lounge, Lucy has stripped to her undies and is ready for sex. After some mutual sucking and licking, Lewis fetches the bulb, which must be 15 inches long, for Lucy to try. Lying naked on the sofa she manages to get more than half in her pussy, a fantastic achievement. Fortunately Ian is not small either and he fucks her hard and deep, eventually shooting over her tits. Despite Lucy's best efforts, Ian doesn't want the flat.

Ian and Mark Sloan are moving some furniture for April when Lewis and Sean, the camera crew, turn up. The boys are embarrassed when April finds them going through her underwear drawers in the van, but she promises not to tell the boss if they would kindly fuck her (well this is porn, not reality tv). April starts with both cocks in her mouth at once then takes first Ian then Mark up her pussy. With one guy at each end throughout they move through all the positions on the sofa. To conclude, April wanks Ian over her face and Mark explodes over her bum. Great stuff.

Lewis Thomas is trying to fix Ian's TV when neighbour Angie George calls only to find the tele showing some porn. Surprise surprise, Angie has always fantasised about performing in a porn film so she agrees to an impromptu audition. As always Angie looks superb and has real style as she strips for the camera. Sex with Ian follows on the sofa in most positions with Ian taking control of the camera as he fucks her from behind. Ian places Angie on a couple of big cushions on the floor and, with her bum in the air, puts his cock up her pussy and his thumb up her arse. Turning her over, Ian fucks Angie's arse missionary before producing a truly awesome facial which cascades her hair, face and mouth.

In the fifth scene, Ian is on location in Budapest, where he introduces Dora as a mate's girlfriend. Alec, his mate, is already licking Dora's pussy when they arrive, so it's straight down to business with Dora taking on both guys on the sofa. Anal sex soon follows with a couple of fine dps in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before both guys shoot over her face.

This is a very fine dvd indeed, as one would expect with such a pedigree, Viv Thomas studios production values combined with Ian's performances and stamina. As a result all the girls give performances that are as good as I've seen. Ashley and Angel's posh tarts, Lucy taking a huge object up her and Angie looking truly shagged-out, fantastic.

At two and a half hours this is great value without the extras - a bonus scene of another Euro debutante Andi, extra footage and outtakes. Definitely one for the collection.

Review by Bayleaf

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