< Amazing Omar's Triumphs 16: Y.W.C.A. - Young Women's Cock Academy DVD available

Released: 2001
Alternate Titles
  • Big Omar's British Adventures - Women's Anal Acedemy DVD available USA, VCA
  • Big Willy: Schwanz-Schule
  • Big Willy: Y.W.C.A. - Young Women's Cock Academy
  • Young Women's Cock Academy DVD available
Notes and Reviews

Omar can't find anywhere to stay. Having tried and failed to get a room in the YWCA, he dresses in drag and bluffs his way in past the receptionist, Claire Astbury, with cameraman Bert similarly attired one presumes.

  • Kirsty Ineson knocks at the door of his room and comes in. A 'lesbian' session develops, but she is not put off by exposing his subterfuge (and a very large subterfuge he has too) and they get down to it, including anal. He cums into her cupped hands and she licks it up.
  • He takes a walk in the park, still in drag, and finds Tia [2] sitting on a bench and looking upset, having just walked out on her boyfriend. She too has nowhere to stay, so he invites her back to his room. Events follow a similar course, but there is no anal, though Bert joins in for a DPP, followed by a double bj and facials. Omar then insists she leaves.
  • Claire (calling herself Lucy for some reason) knocks on the door and finds him without his wig. She threatens to report him, but he goes down on her and persuades her not to. The sex includes missionary anal and Bert fucks her too, cumming over her arse while Omar donates a facial. She leaves the room telling him to get out as she will report him after all.
  • Homeless he goes to the house of Terry Stephens (of One-Eyed Jack fame) and begs to be allowed to stay. Terry says OK, but he has to go out. His girlfriend, Roxanna, walks in on Omar before he has changed out of drag and claims she is turned on by men in women's clothes. Bert gets a bj to facial while Omar is fucking her, also to facial.

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