< Amazing Omar's Triumphs 19: Groovy Fuck Sluts DVD available

Released: 2001
Director: Omar Williams
Alternate Titles
  • Big Omar's British Adventures - Groovy Anal Girls DVD available USA, VCA
  • Big Willy: Groovy Fuck Sluts
  • Big Willy: The Swinging Seventies DVD available MTC
  • Big Willy: Those Wild 70s
  • Groovy Fuck Sluts R18
  • The Swinging Seventies DVD available MTC
Notes and Reviews

This continues the "time machine" theme from the previous release.

  • Laura Biggs, very fetching in white lingerie, has sex including anal while Omar and friend watch from behind the couch. A good scene.
  • Lianne Young, blonde (with hair extensions?) under a headscarf, takes anal from both our heroes. As usual, she steals the show.
  • Red and Crystal (very familiar) are spied on while having mild lesbian sex (some nice dialogue).
  • Leigh Brooke (presumably as Devon) and Casey Rose (Jane [12]) have sex with Omar and pal, including anal (doggy, RC) for both. Another scene worth watching for the quality of the female participants.

Overall, well worth a watch, a great improvement on Omar's doldrums a while back.

Notes by jj

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