< Amazing Omar's Triumphs 20: Game, Set and Wet Snatch DVD available

Released: 2002
Alternate Titles
  • Big Omar's British Adventures - Wet Snatches DVD available USA, VCA
  • Big Willy: Fickspiele auf dem Centre Court Magma
  • Big Willy: Game, Set and Wet Snatch
Notes and Reviews

running time - 83 mins.

big willy pays a visit to the 'all england club' to get an accreditation as a tennis instructor. the old buffers are obviously impressed with his knowledge of ball games, as he duly emerges with one.

the action starts with omar wrapping up his first tutorial with the ever perky baby and tara palmer-tompkinson look-alike, vicky scott. as soon as he shoots off (to check himself in the nearest mirror, no doubt) the two girls opt for a spot of post match warming down. thank goodness the camera man stayed behind to capture it for our delectation!

i have to admit, my primary interest in this disc was the chance of seeing the gorgeous vicky in h/c action for the first time, but unfortunately this turns out to be a rather tepid debut. whether this is down to the chemistry of the two girls or the uninspired direction, is moot. what we are privy to is some cursory pussy fingering/licking, followed by the early introduction of the all too predictable dildo. we are then lead through the usual array of contrived (and uncomfortable looking) positions, along with some patently fake moaning. sadly, it all adds up to a rather yawnsome affair.

next up we have natasha demonstrating to us her version of net practice - giving lee henshaw a blow job through some rather manky looking netting! omar lurks about - as is his want - but doesn't get involved this time. the bj is rapidly followed by a succession of positions - cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, mish, with matters capped off by lee cumming on natasha's tits. it's all too perfunctory to incite any todger tugging activity.

next up for a spot of match play is angel-long. omar is once more into the breach and angel is once more into omar's breeches, displaying a well practised blow job action, to full effect! the pair of them rapidly work up a sweat as omar does a convincing impression of a demented sewing machine, with angel proving to be just the sort of material that needs a right good stitching! matters cum to a head when omar gives us his trademark impersonation of a fireman dousing a raging inferno - this one, seemingly in the region of angel's open mouth.

sharon is the final girl to knock a few balls up with willy boy. the lesson over, sharon decants to the shower followed by omar, who spends several minutes trying to lick her pussy through the transparent shower door! surely this is taking the concept of safe sex a bit too far? fortunately, things move onto the bedroom were omar doesn't have to worry about confusing concepts like glass. intercourse ensues, with the participants adopting a variety of conformational structures in the process. as with angel, omar dumps his load on sharon's face, albeit to less impressive effect (maybe somebody was standing on his hose this time). this is the best scene imo, even though sharon is the least "babe" like of the models. she seems more 'up for it' than the others and that transmits itself to the viewer.

overall, this is fairly average stuff by omar's standards. with no anal or (more curiously) pussy licking by the guys, it's bj's and plain old rumpy pumpy all the way. on the plus side, the picture quality is excellent - broadcast quality - and the fact that most of the action is shot outdoors on a sunny day, makes it pleasurable to watch. the dvd itself is well authored, with the chaptering taking you straight to where the action is. there is also a sub menu for specific types of action - i.e. bj's, cum shots, etc.

on the down side, the cameraman is a graduate from the dramamine school of photography, with the image constantly lurching about from one 'interesting' angle to another. if you're not careful you can end up with a sore neck from constantly craning your head over, trying to see things the right way up. bleurgh!

review by woodgnome

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