< Amazing Omar's Triumphs 23: Hard Cock Cafe DVD available

Released: 2002
Alternate Titles
  • Big Omar's British Adventures - Hard Cock Cafe USA, VCA
  • Big Willy Abenteur im Hard-Cock Cafe DVD available
  • Big Willy: Hard Cock Cafe DVD available Magma
  • Hard Cock Cafe DVD available Magma, English title
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  • Producer/director: Omar Williams
  • Cameras: James, Sue Ambrose
  • Music: B.S.E Music
  • Stills: Omar Williams, Sue Ambrose, James
  • Production Manager: Nick Burton
  • Productions assistants: Natasha Binks, Gayle Willis
  • Editors: James, Peter Thomas
  • Titles: Peter Thomas

Omar gets a job as a waiter in Covent Garden. Teresa arrives to show Omar and Burt, the cameraman, her gorgeous arse. Teresa seems nervous and slightly awkward. She gives a no hands blowjob. Omar then gets Teresa in the doggy position with her head resting on a creaky table and one leg on a stool. The scene is made by the natural sounds and Teresa seemingly enjoying the thrusting, pussy slappping cock of Omar. Fade to Teresa flat on the table. Omar, with his shoes on, pounds a gasping Teresa. Teresa starts to giggle when the action, the creaking, the gasping gets furious. Omar is on the table being reverse cow-girled. She rides the black cock. Later in the scene Omar tries to put his finger in her anus. She says 'that's enough, it's hurting'. We then go to a very short standing bent over doggy scene. Omar then gets a blowjob that leads to him cumming over her tongue and chin. Teresa leaves to serve the waiting customers.

In the kitchen, Donna-Marie/Ibbotson is wearing a small chef's hat and top thingamyjig and nothing else! Except for some trainers that is! The excuse for the lack of clothes is that she gets hot and when she gets hot she gets horny. She touches Omar's bottom. Omar starts sucking her tits. Donna's long braided hair must be a health hazard, but this doesn't stop the pussy licking. Donna gives a great no-hands blowjob. The cooker is used for a 1 leg standing doggy position. A few slaps leads to a standing wide leg shagging. The noise of the builders in the background doesn't detract too much from the thrusting action. Omar pulls out and Donna guides it back in. Omar does the standing shagging for a few seconds. Donna encourages nicely as she is taken doggy style. Nice eye contact as Donna sucks Omar's cock. A fountain of white stuff ices the gorgeous face of Donna. A customer shouting for their food ends the scene.

After some speeded up film of Omar serving guests (a fun bit has him visiting Donna in the kitchen and drinking whisky just like Eric Morecambe did) we focus on a single girl, Suzie, who seems to have been stood up by her boyfriend. She dumps him by phone and gets some of Omar's attention. Suzie wears a translucent top and very short skirt. She has a roll of fat on her stomach but great long legs. They show some marks on the upper thighs. We start off with a blowjob, She is then lying flat on the desk as Omar is open leg shagging her. With her ankles on Omar's shoulder he pumps her pussy. He shows virtuoso as he waves his hips in a circular motion while pumping her pussy. Omar gets his legs on the desk with Suzie having her legs apart and her panties balancing around her left ankle. Someone farts (or is this a pussy fart?) as Omar is pumping her. Reverse cowgirl, then Omar tries anal with Suzie. This goes on a long time and Suzie is slightly monotonous in her oohs and arrhs. Omar cums over her pussy, Suzie plays with the sperm like it was yucky. Omar gets called away. He drops his plate of drinks as he finds Donna in the Kitchen, naked, masturbating.

Back at the table area we have a couple, Louise and Dan, who Omar over-sees kissing and smooching. The slim couple start out with the male giving the girl a good pussy licking. The blowjob is good as the couple seem to work well together. On another creaky table the guy pumps the girl flat on her back. In a ridiculous interuption Omar brings the couple a check as they are pumping away together. Instead of a tip he gets a blowjob from the girl as the bespectacled guy pumps on the creaky table. Omar and the guy change ends of the woman. A creaky table, a breathy Omar and strange builders working noises are what make the scene less than perfect. At last the scene comes to an end as Omar comes over the girl's pussy. They leave the waiter to tidy up. The film ends with an outtake of Omar forgetting a line.

Review by Joe King

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