< Amazing Omar's Triumphs 24: Internet Sexplorer (Part 1) R18 DVD available

Released: 2003
Alternate Titles
  • Big Omar's British Adventures - Internet Sexplorer USA, VCA
  • Big Willy ... hat ne lange Leitung! DVD available
  • Big Willy: Internet Sexplorer DVD available Magma
  • Internet Sexplorer Part 1
Notes and Reviews

Omar's usual cameraman, Bert, is preparing to watch some live action on the internet; he unzips his flies and unrolls some toilet roll. Unfortunately Omar calls and while Bert makes a cuppa, Omar watches Dildo Party with Morrigan, Paige and Celeste.

All three girls are on a black sofa, surrounded by dozens of dildos which they try out, amid much improvised girly banter. The action moves along until, with Morrigan naked, Celeste in stockings and Paige in a bra, the girls set about each other's pussies. With a mixture of fingers, tongue and dildos all combinations are attempted. Celeste is dp'd and Paige puts a small one up her bum, but Morrigan keeps to the front door. The girls make no lip contact and dildo use is very clinical with none of them appearing to get aroused, like me really. However, Omar does get exited and, in lunging towards the screen, enters the next scene.

Sitting at the bar, Omar gets involved with Jane, the Pub Landlady, a very large lady with a severe short haircut. She moves to the front of the bar where she undresses to her stockings and suspenders and sucks Omar's cock. Jane then sits on a barstool as Omar manages to penetrate her, then she kneels on the bar so that Omar can reach her from behind. Further fucking takes place on a table and the floor before Omar spurts over Jane's pussy and her husband returns to the bar to find them.

By this time Bert is back at the keyboard and transports Omar to another site. At first Omar likes the look of the voluptuous Catwoman, but when she produces a cane he hops across to Massage Extras where Sophie, a Thai girl, is waiting for him. Dressed in a red nightie and white fishnets, Sophie is ready on the couch for his every whim. After some cock-sucking, Omar plunges in - in all positions - and eventually comes over her pussy. Alarmed by the demand for £1,000 for her services, Omar skips to the Bikini Babes site where Alicia Rhodes is sunning herself on the moors.

Omar pulls Alicia's bikini bits aside and once he's out of his shorts, he starts to fuck her doggy. Sex continues across the rocks in missionary, reverse cowgirl as her bikini bottoms come off and finishes in spoons as Omar comes over her pussy. Almost immediately Omar dissolves ... to be continued.

There's no need to continue on my account, Omar old chap. The central conceit that Omar is trapped in the computer is un-original and all the scenes have a very tired look with none of the sexual enthusiasm that Omar and his partners have shown in earlier productions. Everybody seems on autopilot, very disappointing.

Review by Bayleaf

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