< The Adventures of Misty McKain Volume One

Released: 1993
Director: Remington Steel
Notes: Sarah Young Communications
Alternate Titles
  • The British Bitch Misty McKaine Part 1 DVD available Mike Hunter
Notes and Reviews

Scenes are intercut with each other but are as follows, in the order in which they start:

  • Misty solo masturbation
  • Misty by swimming pool with black-haired British girl (Karen Watson) and sheik, joined by another male, anal for Misty.
  • Misty plays with hose, joined by male and takes facial.
  • Lesbian with Shuree Bengal.
  • At pool table, Misty, Shuree and male.
  • Misty solo on tree trunk.
  • Misty at photoshoot by swimming pool leading to:
  • Misty, Nicky Pearce and black male, joint facial;
  • Misty and Rocco, facial
  • Misty lesbian scene in woods with blonde (?)
  • Misty by swimming pool with male (pre-boob-job)
  • Misty solo on lilo in pool.

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