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Released: 2002
Notes: HCC, mostly a compilation
Notes and Reviews

Thanks to HCC for the review copy.

HCC compilation with an original intro scene.

This Hard Core Café compilation is introduced by a scene between Michelle Barratt and Cassy (Amelia). This begins with them sitting together in the kitchen reading (very obviously reading in Michelle's case I'm afraid) the papers - a supposed story about the master tape of Laura Turner's very first porn video being nicked. This is a job for the Spider Babes they cry. So they adjourn to the next room to get ready for action, but get engrossed in each other and their dildos and forget about their mission. The film then segues into the first clip. I'm not a great fan of lesbian scenes; so I hesitate to judge how much fans of girl/girl will like this, but it's always a pleasure to see Michelle Barratt. I can forgive a lot of bad acting from someone who looks as good as her.

The picture quality in this scene is excellent, but unfortunately one can't say the same about all the clips that follow as some of them are plagued by colour spread, especially of red and yellow, and are too dark. I assume this comes from the source tapes.

The first clip is Hannah Coleman's scene with Omar in the bath in the ubiquitous tower - see Big Willy Fucks Big Tits. If I remember correctly this was her first porn scene. Anyway it's the one that featured on the Sky programme.

Omar's scene with Francesca Neeme in Big Willy Hunting for New Arses follows. Omar gives her a facial and Bert cums over her tits.

Next up is the supposedly missing Laura Turner tape. From Laura's First Time? Seventeen. She is in schoolgirl uniform (blue blouse) on a bed with her boyfriend. Of course it wouldn't be a Laura Turner scene without a facial, and there is one.

The gorgeous, but off topic, Sylvia Saint goes off with a bloke on a motorbike. They drive to a garage for no apparent reason and fuck, including anal. He cums over her tits.

Next we see another clip from Big Willy Fucks Big Tits - Keely this time. This includes a titty fuck, a brief anal and facial.

This is followed by a Sarah Young scene. I've seen it before but can't remember which film it's from. The obnoxious T.T. Boy appears to be her boyfriend. She has some action with him before he watches her with Peter North and another American stud (Steve Drake?) before joining in himself to make a foursome. Anal, DP and facials are included.

Misty McCaine, Nicky Pearce and a black stud follow in a scene from Euroticon 3 which begins with a bit of g/g action. Then Claire Green takes on Rocco on a boat (also from Euroticon 3) to facial. One of my favourite scenes from the Hard Cut/Euroticon series.

Finally Omar has decorating housewife Gina G among the paint pots, stepladders and rolls of wallpaper, including anal and facials.

A very good choice of scenes make up this compilation and if you've not seen many of them before, especially if you share the taste of the compiler with regard to breast size, you will not be disappointed.

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