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Released: 2004
Director: Marino
Notes: Spanking Tomato
Alternate Titles
  • Road Trip to Southampton
  • The Southampton Trip Television X series
Notes and Reviews

Strangely this trip opens with Marino driving Laura north from London to Bob Scott's house so they can fuck her. Still can't quite get the logic, why didn't Bob drop into Marino's on his way south? I digress. Because Marino is driving, Laura performs a short strip for the camera in the back of the car before, plied with drink, she and Marino strip and have sex on Bob's sofa. Marino seems quite smitten with Laura and I can see why as this is a very horny scene. After Marino cums over Laura's face, Bob takes over but lasts just a few strokes in missionary before he pulls out and cums over her pussy.

After a few establishment shots (M27 signs) we find ourselves in ... Surrey!

Karianna and Sashy are fooling about together in Marino's bed and filming themselves. Eventually Marino bursts in and films the rest of the action - two naked girls pleasuring themselves (and it really does look like pleasuring) with fingers, tongues and dildos.

When both girls have climaxed, Karianna joins the guys in the mpv where Ian Tate awaits to give her a shagging. After some extremely expert cock-sucking, Karianna pulls her pants aside and sits on Ian's cock completely. Then they fuck, naked and noisy, doggy and mish, up to a messy facial. Karianna then vanishes.

On the streets of Southampton, Marino meets with Tina (Miss V). Having agreed to see her back at the hotel the team collect Shaz, who wastes no time in getting Marino's cock out. Shaz reveals a seriously bruised arse, the result, she says, of previous misdemeanors, but this does not stop her from sitting on Marino's cock.

At the hotel the sex starts on twin beds with Ian stripping Tina before she sits astride his cock. Shaz, in stockings, does the same with Bob; Marino takes over from Bob and shags her arse and a no-holes-barred fiveway begins. Both girls get DP'd, Ian cums over Tina's pussy while Marino and Bob provide facials for Shaz. In another hotel room, Marino and Bob shag Shaz again in a scene that feels completely out of place, then the team bid farewell to Tina and drive, without incident, to Portsmouth and Bev Cocks.

Heavenly (Denise D) is waiting with Bev and once their astonishment and delight at the size of Denise's tits has passed, a girlie 3way is filmed on the sofa. Things are a little crowded in Bev's lounge with Marino, Bob and Ian, Bev's husband Dean, two cameramen and a young woman taking stills. Hostess Bev gets shagged first (including anal), followed by Shaz, but Denise avoids penetrative sex.

On the way home, Shaz is still insatiable and gives Snapper a bj in the car, then Bob moves in and fucks her again.

Moments of madness and excellent sex here as the spirit of roadtrip lives on. Once again Marino presents girls with otherwise limited appearances in hc scenes. Laura gives as good a performance as I've seen, as does Tina/Miss V and the rare hc from Karianna is a delight. Shaz is, as usual, completely ott. Excellent.

Review by Bayleaf

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