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Released: 2004
Director: Sal Genoa
Notes: Anabolic
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Running time: 128 mins.

Alicia and Jamie star with four dirty American girls in the fourth in the Anabolic series Ass Cream Pies. The six arse-stretching scenes are a mix of girl/boy and girl/boy/boy action, the naughty Brits each taking on two guys.

Jamie, in floral patterned pink lingerie, appears in the fourth scene. Crawling over the floor, she encounters two guys with their pricks sticking out of meringue pies. She immediately sets to sucking the cream off their dicks. As one guy fucks her throat the other pulls her panties to one side, enters her arse and starts to hammer away. When the guy rubs his dick over Jamie's pussy she screams 'Not my pussy, fuck my arse'. She then gets back to gagging as the second cock is forced past her tonsils. The men swap places, Jamie filling her cheeks with man meat to taste her juices as her bum is being pounded. Pushing herself onto her shoulders, Jamie pulls her arse open for the two to pile drive her. Both guys cum up her bum, she squeezes it out onto her fingers and licks them clean. Normally that would be that but the two have held a little back and pop a second time over Jamie's face.

Curvy Alicia is next up. She wastes no time getting a dick up her backside. Leaning over with her bum filled with cock, Alicia presses her pussy hard into the arm of a chair as she takes a second guy dribbling and gagging deep into her mouth. With both guys' dicks wet, Alicia wants to be double fucked. She slides a cock into her pussy cowgirl then pulls on her bum cheeks to be rammed up the arse. Her tits swing violently with each thrust. Standing on one leg, Alicia is spit roasted, a cock hammering away at her cunt as the second bangs her tonsils. Then more DP action, Alicia breaking to taste her juices. With her head back she swallows cock, the guy's balls banging against her nose. Pushing herself back onto her shoulders, Alicia stretches her arse to make it gape then gets each guy to pile drive her till they cum. Their spunk trickles out of her arse, Alicia scooping it up and dripping it into her mouth to blow bubbles.

It will come as no surprise to see Alicia in top quality hot anal action. What is surprising is Jamie and her enthusiasm for hard, hard bum banging... well done. All six girls produced fine performances in this well shot and edited film. Well worth watching... though maybe not all in one go.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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