< Anal Away Days Vol. 8: Road Trip To Manchester R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Director: Marino
Notes: Spanking Tomato
Alternate Titles
  • The Manchester Trip Television X series
  • Mario's Raunchy Roadtrip to Manchester DVD available Shiva cover title
  • Mario's Roadtrip Manchester DVD available Shiva
  • Road Trip to Manchester
Notes and Reviews

Mario performs the introductions from the Mercedes mpv. He has assembled his usual crew of cameramen, studs and Bob Scott. Fortunately all of them can keep up with the pace that Mario sets. All of this series are uncertified European programmes, so there is plenty of pissing and outdoor sex and driving while naked and without a seatbelt, which would doubtless be frowned upon by the BBFC.

The crew head into a bar where Summer and Rebekah are playing pool. Both girls are in pink (pants, bras, negligee etc) and, in Rebekah's case, wig. Rebekah pours drinks from the bar then returns for sex with Summer on the pool table. Stripped to their pants, they climb on the table in 69 for some mutual vibrator action. Using a rest, Summer pushes the end of her cue into Rebekah's pussy as she sits, legs wide, on the green baize. Rebekah then gets a good going over with a dildo on the bar as she leans back and helps herself to drinks. The guys can't contain themselves and Will gives both girls a joint facial at the bar, then they lie alongside on the pool table for a joint facial from Mario.

Summer is the guy's travelling companion and Manchester is a fair drive. During the trip, a naked Summer has sex with Ian Tate in doggy, missionary and reverse cowgirl all along the M6 ending with a massive spurt over Summer's torso.

They pick up Faye Rampton from the station and head back to the apartment for sex, which is a foursome with Mario and Faye paired with Ian and Summer. All are naked on the bed as the four progress to anal, side by side, then Summer gets a reverse cowgirl dp followed by facials and a cum swap between the girls.

Its bye bye Faye at the Station as the crew head into town and find the Fantasy Bar where Alicia and Jenna Lee are lapdancers. Alicia, in black, and Jenna, in white, give the guys an intimate show with the girls going on to use a dildo on each other. On the way back, Mario fucks Alicia in the car, and while she's sitting on his lap with his cock up her arse, he slides the door open for a better view of Old Trafford.

Back at the apartment, Jenna reappears with Will and they have sex on the sofa alongside Alicia and Ian. There's not much interaction between the couples, especially when Mario appears to join Alicia for anal sex and dp. Will and Jenna do their own tentative thing across the room while Alicia takes everything.

It's Sunday morning in another flat in another part of town and Angus Deaton is making headlines in the papers. In the flat is the delightfully sexy Sasha wearing a crimson spandex outfit including long gloves. Sasha zooms in on Will and has serious sex with him on the couch while removing all her clothes except the gloves. Ian arrives and takes over from Will, putting his cock up Sasha's arse. Next Mario joins in for a reverse cowgirl dp then Ian provides a facial.

Finally Sasha has changed into stockings and a short skirt for sex with Mario in the van. Usual positions with Sasha, who ends up wearing just her stockings, until Mario cums over her tits, by which time Bob has slipped in underneath as she rides him reverse cowgirl and he eventually cums over her bum.

Mostly top class girls in end to end anal action. Great stuff.

Review by Bayleaf

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