< Anal Away Days Vol. 7: Road Trip To Bristol R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Director: Marino
Notes: Spanking Tomato
Alternate Titles
  • Anal Fuck Truck 2 DVD available American Xcess
  • The Bristol Trip Television X series
  • Road Trip to Bristol
Notes and Reviews

Mario's Roadshows have the feeling of usual gonzo having been filleted and only the sex bits left in. The pace is frenetic and this is enhanced by the editing which frequently speeds-up the action and inserts two or three second bursts in black and white of bits of the scene to come. Mario's team always includes a couple of studs plus Bob Scott who, although filming, can always lend a knob when required.

These are uncertified European programmes, so there is plenty of pissing and outdoor sex and driving while naked and without a seatbelt, which would doubtless be excised by the BBFC.

Rebekah and Sandie, coyly hidden by mountains of bubbles, are in the bath together at the beginning of this trip. They're having a laugh but soon switch to a little sex, licking, kissing and fingering, with a dildo for Rebekah. By the time Bob arrives with his camcorder, most of the bubbles have gone, but the girls give Bob's Knob a suck before Sandie gets out and bends over the bath to allow Bob to fuck her. Both girls are back in the bath as Bob produces a joint facial.

Sandie, the travelling star of this trip, has her clothes dishevelled and is getting a cautious probing from Bob and Will in the mpv. She gets fully nude and takes Will in reverse cowgirl and missionary then, nicely lubricated, she is anal-fucked and double-penetrated in reverse cowgirl - then we arrive in Bristol.

At the hotel, while Amber is in the shower, Sandie starts with Mario and Will on the bed. Amber joins them and, after some girl/girl, pairs with Will and Sandie with Mario. Great foursome, with two experienced girls and plenty of deep fucking in many positions. The guys swap partners for a bit, then Sandie returns to Mario for anal while Will continues with Amber, spunking over her bum while Mario produces a double facial.

Next morning the guys are out on the streets and down to the station where they meet Amanda White. Once in the car she soon has her tits out and sucks Will's cock, but she's soon back at the hotel for a bath with the boys. On the bed she takes on both Mario and Will in all the usual positions, then anal with Mario followed by a cowgirl dp, with Bob having slipped underneath for this one. A little later Amanda rides Mario cowgirl with her big tits flapping and he actually cums inside her, the spunk dripping over his torso as she rises. Will chips in with a cumshot followed by a bit more shagging from Bob before he too explodes over Amanda's generous tits.

Outside again, the crew, now joined by Ian Tate, are looking for a strip pub, where they find Sheena McGrath. Sheena is a much more confident performer these days and, from the moment she appears in her black bra and pants, she's after Will and Ian. Will drifts off and this becomes a one-on-one with Ian in doggy, reverse cowgirl and anal in missionary ending with a cumshot over her belly. Will returns, as Sheena lies with her head back off the seat, and produces copious amounts of spunk over her face hair and nose.

Suddenly the crew kidnaps Mario, and trussed up with gaffer tape, they take him home to where Leyli and Donna are waiting. Both girls are wearing nothing but red ribbon and bows because it's Mario's birthday. Moving to the bathroom, Donna pisses over Mario's face and before the flow has finished he stands and pops his tool into her. Meanwhile Leyli is pissing over Ian's cock and he does the same thing in reverse cowgirl. Both girls then Suck Mario to a climax and return to the lounge for a foursome - Donna with Will and Ian with Leyli. The guys swap partners for anal sex and Ian fists Donna too. The scene ends with multiple cumshots over the girls from the three guys plus Bob.

Review by Bayleaf

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