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Released: 2004
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: Doll Theatre
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This ambitious trilogy from the Doll Theatre Film Company is set in the idyllic English village of Fundaland. Alice Phallis, played by Jo May, has recently moved to what is probably the biggest house in the village, but it's a house with a history, a history that's about to come right back to life.

(NB. in this review Chloe is used for Vicky [8] to avoid confusion with Vicki Holloway)

After taking a bath and pleasuring herself with her fingers and a vibrator, Jo starts to explore the house and finds an ancient volume. She then invites her neighbours Lizzie, played by Chloe, and Emily, played by Kat, to tea. After sampling their special recipe cake called Fun-kay, the girls undress and have group lesbian sex while eating the last bits of cake off Jo's body.

Jo, most unsuitably dressed in miniskirt, stockings and heels, takes a country walk looking for her new friends. Eventually she find them and the girls undress, carrying on from where they left off indoors with Kat getting a dildo in both holes.

Back at the house, Jo May takes another erotic solo shower while her voice over explains some of the house's history. A previous owner, Henry Nightshade, had three wives, but the first, Elenore, had brought great shame on him by having carnal knowledge of two novice nuns. This scene is re-enacted by Kat and Chloe as the nuns and Vicki Holloway as Elenore Nightshade. While Kat & Chloe use a double ended dildo on themselves, Elenore is joined by her slave, played by Fran Lord.

Jo closes the book on this scene and wanks herself on the bed before falling asleep. During the night she is visited by the ghostly Vicki and Fran, who is lead on a chain, and caresses the naked sleeping Jo May. This convinces Vicki that Jo May is the one.

This is a good film, which shows the aspirations of some directors to make something that is a cut above. The attempt to tell a story is complimented by good production values, excellent and very sexy cast. Lighting and camerawork are very good, but it's a real pleasure to see such care put into editing, music and sound too. Every girl is shown to her best advantage with some erotic solo scenes. The acting is generally good bearing in mind the script has a lot of dialogue by porn standards, most of which is peppered with expletives.

The running time, at just 80 minutes, is a little short, although there's a very nice 10 minute solo studio strip from Jo May in the extras, which includes trailers, stills and subtitles in 4 languages.

Highly recommended for fans of girl-girl action or any of the performers.

Review by Bayleaf

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