< Amazing Omar's Triumphs 28: Arse-All Force R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Alternate Titles
  • Big Omar's British Adventures Anal Delivery DVD available US title, VCA
Notes and Reviews

Note: This is a straight-to-R18 release (the first?) and has the new authoring style.

Bigwillyproductions. Running time 1hr 36 mins.

  • Producer/director: Omar Williams
  • Cameras: Tony De Sergio, Sue Ambrose, Peter Thomas
  • Music: B.S.E Music
  • Editor: Peter Thomas

The DVD starts off with an animated menu, a nearly naked Omar holding a bundle of clothes against his privates being chased by a comic villan(?). Once you select 'play movie' you get an introduction ripped from monty python. Arse-all force, rhymes with parcel force. Omar, dressed like a postman, delivers his first package to a girl (Emma-louise) who is reading a porno mag. Omar asks her about it. Emma says she wouldn't mind doing some porno and shows us her body. The gorgeously tall thin Emma has a nice arse which Omar and the cameraman admire and spank. Emma starts with a blowjob. After a good cock licking, Omar lubricates his member to anally penetrate Emma. In an energetic position, holding both her legs up Omar bounces her on his cock. She then sucks the cock that has been up her bum. Emma makes the right noises as Omar opens her bumhole with his erect sausage. Emma is knees to shoulders lying on a chair as Omar goes from anus to pussy. The creaking chair accompanies the furious shagging. Omar then spunks over her pussy and lets Emma taste his sperm covered penis. Noises off screen leads to a hasty exit.

Jenny Loveitt is happened upon while Omar tries to find an unknown address. Jenny seems to be quite free with the words and her boobs as she shows Omar her room. I wonder if what she said in this segment is true. Jenny gets down to cock sucking the cameraman and Omar. 2 in 1 is relatively rare and Jenny gets to suck 2 professional juicy ones. Some dirty talk from Jenny accompanies doggy style shagging. Then a loud Jenny gets analled next to a radiator. This freckle faced mature vixen then sucks his cock. Jenny talks all through the anal sex from both guys. She only gets one slap on the arse from the cameraman. The anal sex leaves a little dirt. Someone farts as Jenny does reverse cow girl anal. Noisey Jenny gets double penetration on the tiled floor. Jenny should get an enema next time, this is the first dirty anal scene in an R18? The scene ends with a classic sperm tongue facial from both guys. Noise, then exit.

Anya invites Omar inside while waiting for a signature for his mail. Anya isn't too convincing as a swinger. After playing with her arse, Omar gets a blowjob. Classic worm's eye view of a wet suck job. Anya looks gorgeous on a table inserting fingers in her pussy. Omar licks then penetrates her. Anya is getting breathless and enjoying the action. Next to a radiator Anya gets some deep bumsex. Anya seems to get some pleasure from riding his cock in her arse. After taking Omar's cock deeply in her mouth, Omar spunks a tender facial. She was quite good. Boyfriend noise, then exit.

The next package leads to an open house and Shaz playing with her pussy in front of a man on a bed. Omar over sees all this action. Shaz gives the male a luscious blowjob then rides his curved member. That squelching sound is the water bed they are both heating up. Shaz is unrestrained and really goes for the shagging. The action stops just as she is about to come (why?). On the bedroom floor the couple shagging are interrupted by Omar with a package. There is a relatively shocked reaction from the couple (who were performing with some real hot lights in the background). Omar joins in and Shaz gets a dp. There is reverse cowgirl anal and some ass to mouth. The 2 studs spunk into the lusty mouth of Shaz. This can be further enjoyed in the multi-angle clip.

The end titles feature Emma(?) farting (and laughing) while having anal sex. It finally ends with naked Omar running towards the camera and jumping over it.


  • Trailers: Betty Swollocks, British Glam Sluts, Horny Housewife Gangbang, Mind of a Horny Woman, Omar's Raw Casting, Single Wet Pussies.
  • Directors interview: The style is ripped off from 'The Fast Show' but is none the less interesting as he talks about the girls.
  • Special offers: A special number enables you to get dvd special offers (I have tried the number and it didn't work).
  • Multi-angle clip: 2 angles to choose from as Shaz gets 2 cum shots. There is close-up and a medium shot over the shoulder of Omar. Lusty Shaz takes 2 sperm showers.

Review by Joe King

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