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Released: 2004
Director: Bryan Xin
Notes: DVSX
Alternate Titles
  • A.N.A.L. Ass Now Ass Later 3
  • Ass Now Ass Later 3
Notes and Reviews

Rest of female cast: Lauren Phoenix, Nikki Montana, Corey Baby, Lucy, Vanessa

  • Studio: Xinvision
  • Theme: Anal
  • Style: Gonzo
  • Director: Bryan Xin

Overall rating: 2 out of 5

A.N.A.L Ass Now Ass Later 3 promises 100% anal "from end to end". "Totally Anal!" is the cry from the cover, "2 hours and 6 scenes!" its other boasts. This may be true, it is indeed a totally anal film of 2 hours and 6 scenes, but there is no point having 2 hours, 6 scenes of anal action unless it's good quality 2 hours and 6 scenes of anal action. From my point of view, it isn't.

The British babe on show here is Poppy Morgan. She gets the second scene of this flick, performing with male actor, K.K. The scene starts with Poppy in a really cute outfit of cotton panties and top, looking pretty good. She strips out of these and proceeds to tease and play with herself, then, using an anal toy, pleasures her forbidden hole. All of the scenes in this movie start exactly like this, and like all the others, go on too long for my taste. She is then joined by K.K who warms her up with some pussy fingering and a nice DP fingering before she goes on all fours and gets down to some anal probing from K.K. This on all fours position goes on for a fair while, she also squats on top of him, facing the camera and away, also some side-by-side action. The scene finishes with a large load shot onto Poppy's face.

I found this scene, like the rest of the film, disappointing. Poppy can't be faulted on looks. She has a stunning body and shows it off well, but the performance is pretty lacklustre. The level of pleasure sounds and moaning doesn't change. From fingering to anal, she barely raises a pitch. The positioning isn't creative, the camera work is ok and all in all it's pretty average. The saving grace for this scene is that Poppy does look good and gets a substantial money shot all on her face, although a fair bit of the load misses its target. Not the best anal scene I have seen, for this scene a rating of 2 out of 5.

The rest of the film is the same. Long and boring toy sessions before the action and then only average action taking place. Lauren Phoenix's scene is an exception, she does put a fair bit of effort in and it looks good. Maybe it's because she and her male star are American, while the rest of the film, barring Poppy's scene, is filled with Euro adult performers. The only other thing to note is that Lucy in her scene looks very hot indeed and takes a good load.

The DVD version has a basic scene select and some trailers, nothing exciting. I'd say there are much better anal films out there. Overall 2 out of 5.

Review by Steven Stone
August 2006

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