< Anal Away Days Vol. 20: Road Trip To St Tropez R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Director: Marino
Notes: Spanking Tomato, 2 disc
Alternate Titles
  • Mario's Raunchy Road Trip to St.Tropez 1 + 2 DVD available two volumes released separately by Shiva
Notes and Reviews

This is a great programme. Even if it was just one DVD long it would be great, even if they hadn't gone to France, or featured less than the six beautiful girls they do it would be great. As it is, it's simply ... great.

Given the scale of the trip, Marino has left the Merc MPV at home and borrowed a large campavan. Inside, on the early morning trip down the A20 to Dover are the thre A's: Alicia, Angie and Anabel. The girls undress each other and after some (relatively) mild g/g Marino joins them, allowing Anabel and Angie to mount his cock. Marino then cums over the girls' tits.

The camera continues to roll on the Seafrance ferry and South African Guy has joined the party from the second vehicle. Marino is keen to find a quiet spot where he can get Anabel to suck his cock. It's quiet enough on the rainswept deck for both of them to drop their trousers and Marino sticks his cock into Anabel from behind and then gives her a facial.

After 10 hours on French roads, Angie and Anabel decide to have sex with the aid of a large red double-ended dildo. Eventually they reach the sun and theres a brief comfort stop which allows Angie and Anabel to drop their jeans and piss on the roadside. Angie then spends some time in the support car playing with herself in the passenger seat (and pissing again). Meanwhile, back in the campavan, Guy and Alicia are are having sex in several positions before Marino joins in and Alicia gets a cowgirl DP and facials.

The squad arrives at a deserted luxury villa where there's not much hospitality, but in no time Guy and Marino are on the terrace with Anabel and Angie, who have changed into something a little more feminine. Sex in the sunshine follows, Anabel with Marino and Guy with Angie, but this merges as the couples get closer together, and while Angie is on top of Guy, Marino breaks off to slip his cock up Angie's pussy at the same time. The boys swap partners and there are more athletic positions, anal sex and both girls get double penetrated. Scene ends with two double facials.

Nightime on the terrace and Angie drops her jeans and produces a torrent of piss over Marino's face. Next morning Alicia and Angie, both nude, are having their pictures taken dildoing each other and this, first, DVD ends with Angie taking yet another pee, this time in the toilet.

At the start of the second DVD more guests have joined the house party. Bob Scott is looking for Ian Tate, who has taken Sammi to the bathroom for an undisturbed shag. Bob films the fucking then Ian pauses and pushes a string of balls (each nearly the size of a tennis ball) up Sammi's pussy. She takes three. (The guys joke about pulling the string out quickly and starting her like a lawn-mower). Ian then flips Sammi over and arse-fucks her on the floor doggy-style. After a facial, Marino joins in for his turn in Sammi's pussy, then she takes a pee and gets another facial by giving a crew member a bj.

Vanessa and Amanda are on the terrace, naked apart from shoes (Amanda) and black knee boots (Vanessa). They have raided the toybox and use dildos on each other including the red double-ender used by Angie and Anabel on the way down. This is a very good hard girl/girl scene with kissing and licking and dildo DP for Vanessa. Amanda is fitter and more toned than I have seen her and she looks superb; a real shame she seems to have given up b/g.

Later, after the whole crew has been out on the town the night before, the girls introduce themselves one at a time by strolling stark naked through the woods past the camera.

Angie, Anabel, Alicia, Vanessa and Sammi parade by the pool in bikinis before moving to a couple of inflatable double mattresses and start on each other in an all-girl orgy. After a little while the three boys join in. Although there's naked bodies everywhere, only Angie, Alicia and Vanessa actually get fucked. The cocks swap freely from pussy to arse and back again as all three girls get double-penetrated.

Back in the campavan Ian fucks Vanessa, including anal, then Marino joins them for a DP. A facial from both guys.

Finally Marino is behind the wheel driving home. Most of the girls have flown back to London directly, but Sammi is in the back getting fucked by Guy and then Ian joins in for a DP.

Absolute mayhem from the team supported by Snapper, Big Show and Roadshow veteran Bob Scott, who probably provided the extra cock. Fantastic.

Review by Bayleaf

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