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Released: 2004
Director: Jordan Septo
Notes: Exquisite
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Running time: 129 mins.

This film proves two things about the Americans: when it comes to interior design their tastes are deplorable, but when it comes to British girls who want their arses fucked their tastes are impeccable. Jamie Brooks and Melanie X appear alongside three American girls in this bum-banging marathon. Unusually, not all the scenes are the same length so though the Brits only appear in two of the five scenes this accounts for almost half the film. When you see the performances put in by the pair you'll understand why none of their footage appears to have been cut.

In a bright orange bikini, Melanie X appears in the third and longest scene (30 mins plus). Sitting on a cream leather sofa, she slowly strips as she tells of her visit to the States. Playing with her smoothly-shaved pussy she waits for Tyce to turn up. She can't wait to have her arse filled. Melanie drops to the floor and gorges herself on cock. Forcing it past her tonsils, her tongue laps at Tyce's balls as she gags. She scoops the saliva from the shaft and balls, rubbing it into her bum hole, then bends to be taken from behind. Moaning as Tyce goes deeper and faster, the two roll over so Melanie can ride the cock. Her cries increase as four fingers are eased into her fanny. With lube and arse juice running down her bum cheeks, Melanie deep throats Tyce then puts his wet prick back in her backside for more humping. The pair move through doggy into spoons, Melanie pulling her pussy and filling it with fingers as Tyce pumps away. Eventually he is ready to cum and Melanie wants his spunk in her bum. His balls and cock twitch and she's happy. The jizz trickles out her hole.

In the next scene the leather sofa has been moved into the garden for Jamie. Taking off her top, she fondles her big boobs before removing her mini skirt and knickers to show the director what the boys will be getting. When the guys appear Jamie wastes no time in wrapping her lips around their cocks making sure fair sucks for both. Her blonde hair sways as she gags and dribbles over her tits. Bending over she is spit roasted, her boobs wobbling with each thrust. Jamie gets one of the guys to sit so she can ride his full length in her pussy whilst feasting on cock. The two swap places but this time it's up the bum. Jamie takes each in turn doggy till they're ready to cum. She gets a facial from both.

OK I may be biased, but the two British girls far outshone the performances of their American cousins with both being hot and horny. With over 50 minutes of British bums being banged American style it's well worth a watch ... if only to see Melanie X in action.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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