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Released: 2004
Director: Thomas Zupko
Notes: Elegant Angel
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Running time: 128 mins.

The plot for this film is not very sophisticated. A bar has been built in an Ass Quake zone, an area which five girls enter alone, including the Brits Jamie Brooks and Isabel Ice, to drink and play with their bums. Once the ass quake has started the only way to help the girls is by plugging their bums with cock.

Wales's anal expert Isabel Ice is the second to appear in a black top, PVC hot pants and sun glasses. She orders a beer and gives the bottle a blow job as she eases four fingers into her bum. A mild slapping from the barman gets her more excited so he leaps to her rescue tonguing and fingering her arse. Gagging Isabel takes the guy's dick deep down her throat, saliva dripping off his balls and her chin onto her tits. Cock now nice and wet, the barman thrusts it into Isabel's gaping bum. Occasionally stopping to clean the cock, Isabel takes it deeper and deeper in each new position. Finally she ends up being pile driven, the guy's balls banging against Isabel's red bum cheeks, before he finally pulls out to spray her face with spunk.

In a tight pink dress and sun glasses, Jamie Brooks appears in the last scene. Flashing her tits at the barman she lifts her leg onto the bar and starts to finger her arsehole. The guy comes to lubricate Jamie's bum with his tongue then offers her his cock. She takes it deep into her mouth coating it in strings of saliva as it bangs her tonsils and then Jamie puts her leg back on the bar to be entered from behind. Re-lubing the cock Jamie climbs aboard the guy for some anal riding, playing with her clit as she bounces up and down. She then lies on her back to get her bum streched and stuffed. With her bum hole well hammered Jamie is ready for cream and fills her mouth with the guy's load.

Elegant Angel have a reputation for producing wild and hot films and this 100% anal Ass Quake certainly falls into this category. Both Jamie and Isabel show that when it comes to hard humping action they have what it takes. If you are into arse or are big Jamie or Isabel fans then this film is a must (Isabel also appears in a 10 minute solo DVD bonus scene), though for "general" viewing 2 hours of bum banging in one sitting may be overload.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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