< Anal Away Days Vol. 21: Road Trip To Wandsworth R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Director: Marino
Notes: Spanking Tomato
Alternate Titles
  • Road Trip To Wandsworth Television X series
Notes and Reviews

Another helping of Marino's own brand of sexual anarchy, which shows the man's lost none of his energy or inventiveness. This time he's teamed up with Ian Tate and Mark Marais to invade Sandie Caine's Wandsworth flat along with a bevy of beautiful girls.

But before he even gets to Wandsworth with Chantelle in the shagwagon he fucks her in the back. Marino undresses and gets his cock sucked and squeezed between Chantelle's great boobs while she strips to her little pink skirt and kneeboots. Sex in reverse cowgirl then a few strokes in missionary before Marino pulls out and comes over her tits - then promptly sticks his cock back in for more.

Chantelle sucks Marino's cock in the lift up to Sandie's flat, where they find Georgina Smith in her underwear and a feather boa. While Marino waits for the other guys to show up, Chantelle and Georgina go into the bedroom for some girl-girl action. Good strong kissing leads to shared dildos. Afterwards, in the shower, Chantelle pisses into Marino's mouth and he fucks her over the toilet.

Both girls change into fresh underwear (Georgina) and shirt and shorts (Chantelle) but both girls wear kneeboots. They are joined by Ian and Mark, who get down to business straightaway by putting their fingers in the girls' pussies. Ian pairs with Georgina and Mark with Chantelle for sex and as soon as everyone is naked Marino joins in. Georgina gets a DP from Ian and Marino, then Chantelle takes Mark and Marino's cocks in her pussy at the same time. After more anal for the girls, Ian and Mark give Chantelle a DP in reverse cowgirl which pushes her over the edge to orgasm. Double facial for Chantelle while Marino shoots over Georgina's pussy.

The three guys return to the flat, where Sandie has invited DJ round, but before they can get their hands on her Sandie wants a bit herself in the bedroom. The girls concentrate on each other's pussies with tongues and dildos including a double ender, which goes in both girls.

DJ changes into a pvc body and buckled thighboots for her session in the lounge with the boys. DJ soon has a guy at both ends and as soon as they are out of their boxers she sits on Ian's cock in reverse cowgirl. DJ keeps her boots on throughout as she is very noisily fucked in most positions with Marino joining in after the first DP to get his cock wanked by DJ's feet; then Mark cums over her bum and Ian produces a ferocious facial.

By the time we meet Avalon she is in her underwear giving Ian a bj on the bed while Marino fucks her from behind. Marino even takes a call on his mobile as his cock stays up Avalon's bum and the action here ends with a DP. Marino then takes Avalon to the bathroom where she slips off her pants and pisses over him, so he promptly shags her again.

Karla then joins the team in the lounge and she pairs with Ian while Avalon goes with Mark for a mix of fingers, cocks and heavy sex. Then it's partner swap as Avalon slowly takes Ian's full length down her throat. Impressive stuff. As the anal begins so does Marino and another DP for Avalon, then Karla gets attention from all three including taking Ian's complete fist inside her. Mark and Marino provide facials for the girls while Ian cums over Karla's back.

No-one making Britporn at the moment matches the energy and enthusiasm of Marino and his team. In this film he has chosen a slightly older group of women who have some experience of shagging and show it on the screen in spades. And all captured on tape by Bob Scott, Snapper and Big Show, Absolutely great.

Review by Bayleaf

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