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Released: 2003
Director: Guy Capo
Notes: Evolution Erotica
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Cast: Cherry Poppens, Demi Marks, Felecia Fox, Gen Padova, John West, Liza Harper, Olivia O'Lovely, Rick Masters, Ron Jeremy, Summer Nite, Ted Hunter, Vicki Vogue.

Theme: Gonzo/MTV porn

Overall: 2 out of 5

What can I say about "American Gunk"? I don't think I have ever had such conflicting emotions on a film, adult or mainstream. American Gunk is a big satirical swipe at America today with barely anything left untouched, from Reality TV to the great icon himself, Elvis Presley (played by porn legend Ron Jeremy here). Here Guy Capo unleashes his take on America today, infusing it with porn. Does it work? Well for me, no.

What you have here is porn for the MTV Generation. What do I mean by that and why do I rate it so badly? Well as much as I like to see innovation in my adult movies, I like to actually see good sex as well and hear good sex. What we have here is extremely loud rock music played over all of the scenes with the most ridiculous or incredible, depending on your view, camera work I have ever seen.

The first scene features our British gal, Summer Nite. I love Summer Nite, I love her accent, her body and her sexual skills. Here we have our Summer alone with two girls and two guys, enjoying a beer and chat. Someone knocking over the beer and making it spin, is the loose premise to starting a game of spin the bottle and so sexual shenanigans. If you get sick at whizzing images, don't watch the spin part of the scene. What follows is an assortment of activities with the five performers. Oral, sex and anal on Summer are all performed here. Summer looks very hot and, to her credit, gives some good oral, takes a nice anal and a decent load in her mouth. The American girl gets the same, except for the anal, and the third girl needn't have shown up because all we get from her is some masturbation, very soft touching of the girls and a brief insertion of the beer bottle. This scene could have been amazing, it really could have, but the dodgy camera work, i.e. spinning, switching to black and white, cut aways, repeat shot, and the blaring music ruin the entire thing. You may be able to fiddle with your DVD controls to reduce background music but it doesn't get rid of it completely. All in all, a big disappointment. Without the music and camera work it could have got a 4, but as it is, a 2, purely for the presence of Summer.

There are five scenes on the film, although in reality only four as the fourth is a message from Guy Capo explaining why the scene meant for number 4 had been cut away due to censorship. This is a shame as, from the brief excerpt you see, it could have been the best scene in the flick. There is a pointless masturbation scene, a funny, if repetitive, Elvis scene and the last scene which is a take on Reality TV, though the intro to this is way too long and the ending may be humorous but not to all tastes.

If you like your sex to rock music or are addicted to MTV or like protesting against the "evil, capitalist, Bush/Blair, West" then get this, if not I would avoid.

Review by Steven Stone
May 2006

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