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Released: 2005
Director: Marino
Notes: Spanking Tomato
Alternate Titles
  • The Newport Trip Television X series
Notes and Reviews

At 24 Alexis Silver is the baby in this cast which takes in thirtysomething twins Chantelle and Chloe Stevens, Ashton and grannies Steph Dumont and Libby Ellis. These women really know how to fuck as Marino serves up another Road Trip classic.

The incredible blonde twins Chantelle and Chloe join Marino and the team (Bob Scott, Mark Marais, Bigshow and Snapper) in their Winnebago on the way to Newport. Not only were the twins born identical but they maintained the similarity by having identical boob jobs and have dressed in pink boots, mini skirts and white shirts. The girls also have their blonde hair tied in pigtails, but for the purposes of id Chantelle wears yellow elastics while Chloe's are pink.

After Marino has performed the general welcome and introductions he allows the girls a little action together as they strip to their skirts and boots, before fucking them both. By the time the girls are naked, but for their boots, Mark has joined in and Marino is fucking the girls up the bum. The guys then DP Chloe in cowgirl followed by Chantelle in reverse cowgirl and the scene ends with facials.

In Newport the team find a pole-dancing club where the girls give Mark and Marino a quick show, but everyone is eager to fuck and stripped to their knickers Chloe pairs with Marino and Chantelle with Mark. The guys fuck the naked girls all over the place, but particularly on the tables and frequently side by side. Scene ends with facials followed by a quick clip of Chantelle pissing in the shower.

Back in the club Snapper has brought a couple of rock chicks to the club, these are the unbelievable Libbly Ellis and Steph Dumont ready for action in stockings and suspenders. The ladies start together on a brown leather sofa removing their pants and dildoing each other. Libby then changes into a black pvc dress and red fishnets while Libby favours a red pvc basque and black stockings. Both women strip Mark, then when they're stripped to just their stockings themselves, Libby gets fucked by Marino while Steph stays with Mark. More fucking all over the chairs, sofa and tables and partners are swapped as the women get fucked in all positions, with Mark and Steph trying some pretty athletic poses. Scene ends with the guys cumming over the women's tits.

Finally the boys meet Ashton and Alexis on a beautiful morning at what I'll assume to be the Newport Travelodge. The Winnebago heads for the motorway and Mark sits between the girls as they start to undress. Although it's Mark getting his cock squeezed it's actually Marino who is the first to pull Ashton's pants aside and stick his cock in her pussy. Mark fucks Alexis and Marino continues with Ashton, although in the confined space it's hard to follow the action. Bob Scott also has his cock in Alexis' mouth. The girls swap partners and while Mark and Marino concentrate on cowgirl DP for Ashton, Bob has pushed Alexis's legs in the air and is fucking her on another seat, finally popping a load into her mouth. Mark brings Ashton close to orgasm with his fingers while Bigshow strips and gets his cock sucked by both girls, finally coming over Alexis's tits.

Marino takes the girls back to the club and gets them alone on a bench seat and encourages them in girl-girl action. Eventually, after much horny action with dildos, the girls are naked when Mark returns and he and Marino fuck the girls again. More deft fingerwork from Mark makes Ashton climax again in what must have been a very pleasant day's work for her. Fucking in a variety of positions with anal included for both girls. More double pentration for Ashton both ways round and the scene ends with simultaneous facials.

Another action-packed couple of hours with Marino and the team. It goes without saying that this is the best British hardcore twins scene ever. Both girls showing enthusiasm above and beyond the call of duty. The casting of Libby and Steph together was inspired and although both are wide around the waist they still have lovely tits, smooth white skin and a really dirty attitude for two women in thier sixties. Alexis Silver is, as usual, excellent and persuades Bob out of on-screen shagging retirement and Bigshow to reveal all on screen. Ashton not only does the lot but has a look of wonder as Mark fucks her deep or fingers her to another orgasm. I hope there's more stuff with Ashton waiting to be released. Fantastic stuff.

Further identification tips: Chloe has a mole on her left inner thigh. Chantelle has the larger tattoo on her left breast and tattoo on right arm.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2005

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