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Released: 2005
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Aqua-Sex DVD available Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 97 mins.

Water is the tenuous theme of the five scenes in this latest Relish release. As usual the cast and the action are first class, but the theme seems too contrived for some scenes as Keira's only link to water is that she showers before sex.

To start Roxy Jezel and Taylor Morgan are dry surfing on the beach when passing experts Pete Le Meat and Demetri stop to give them some practical advice. The advice continues in the hotel bar where Demetri and Roxy J are left alone when Pete and Taylor go upstairs and the barman melts away. Demetri has no trouble pushing a couple of fingers into Roxy's pussy, as she is still wearing just her bathing costume, or replacing his fingers with his cock as soon as he's undressed. Sexual athletics on the tall bar stool, then cowgirl on the floorboards and a good facial.

Upstairs Mr and Mrs Le Meat get down to business. Pete removes Taylor's bikini pants, pushing them deep into her pussy and only retrieving them some time later while in 69. Usual first class fucking on the bed, includes deep anal and a spunking into Taylor's bum. As the pair relax with a fag Demetri reappears - surfs up! And the boys disappear.

Meanwhile, in a rain-swept London, Donna Ibbotson is visiting her friends Keira and Dries. Keira, fresh from the shower and wearing just a silver bikini, announces that she and Donna have been having an affair. Which is the cue for lesbian action in front of Dries and he joins the girls after a minute or so, fucking them on the floor, the beanbag and the sofa. Both girls take it up the bum and the scene ends with a shared facial. Despite appearances to the contrary Donna says the experience was a nightmare and tells Dries to fuck off while she concentrates on Keira...

Sasha Paris and Tamara Noon are scrubbers aboard a Thames houseboat. They stop their cleaning to go below and the discovery of a brass-coloured vibrator in the Captain's quarters leads to girl-girl sex on the benches.

McKenzie Lee is admired by two pool boys, Tony De Sergio and Mason, as she dives in to swim a few lengths. When McKenzie leaves the pool she wants to see more of the guys' tackle and after some oral on the sunlounger the naked trio move to the patio for sex. All the usual bbg positions culminating with a cowgirl DP and Mason doing the anal honours. Both guys then deposit generous loads over McKenzie's outstanding tits.

The opening titles and the early part of the first scene - with 1960's graphics, beach party music and distressed Technicolor footage - promise more creativity than the whole production can sustain as the constraints of stitching together unrelated scenes are realised. The water theme is just diluted.

Of course the production values are high and everything we've come to expect from Relish, but it's lack of creativity and innovation (bikini girl gets shagged by two pool boys, well really!) that disappoints.

Good, just not that good.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2005

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view

Relish have used water as the basis for this film. As the opening narration says "If it's good enough for fish to fuck in, it's good enough for us". Seven hot British stars - Donna Marie, Keira, McKenzie Lee, Roxy Jezel, Sasha Paris, Tamara Noon and Taylor Morgan - appear in 5 water related scenes.

Taylor and Roxy aren't having much fun with their surfing when two surf bums, Pete La Meat and Demitri, turn up to help them. The surfing problems sorted, the four head back to the bar in the local hotel, but it's pussy not pints these boys are after. Taylor and Pete disappear leaving Roxy, in her white-patterned bikini, alone with Demitri and it doesn't take him long to work his fingers in between her legs. Roxy bends down to take mouthfuls of man meat before leaning over the bar stool to be taken from behind, then licks Demitri's dick before riding him reverse cowgirl on the floor. More pussy and anal fucking on the bar stool follow and the scene ends with a full facial.

Meanwhile Taylor, dressed in a fuchsia bikini, has gone to Pete's room. She can ride a surf board, now he has something else for her to try. Taylor prepares Pete's equipment by giving it a good suck. He then pushes her pink panties deep into her pussy. The pair 69, Taylor taking cock deep into her mouth and Pete pulling out the panties and trying to stuff them in Taylor's bum. It's now time to practice riding prick and Taylor mounts Pete reverse cowgirl then turns to have her pussy filled doggy style. Pussy exercises finished, Taylor tries again this time with Pete's cock in her arse. For all her good work Pete fills Taylor's gaping bum with cum.

On a wet and dreary day Dries returns home to find his wife Keira with Donna Marie. She has an admission to make - she and Donna are having an affair. Rather than storm out Dries asks to stay, watch and maybe join in. The girls agree. Donna's red knickers are quickly removed as Keira buries her tongue deep in her pussy. Seeing how much fun the girls are having, Dries slips his tongue in Keira's silver panties and starts to lick her arse. The girls then decide they want to taste dick and take turns filling their mouths with meat. Sitting Dries down, Keira mounts his cock with Donna darting in to lick off the juices from the pair. It's then her turn for dick as she slides it in between her plump lips. Keira bends over to be done in the bum doggy style with Donna licking at her pussy. The girls then swap with Donna filling her arse reverse cowgirl and Keira sucking her swollen pussy lips. The scene ends with both girls getting a good mouthful of cream.

Tamara Noon and Sasha Paris are cleaning a house boat when they come across a gold vibrator and decide to put it to good use. Tamara strips out of her light blue top and shorts and lifts Sasha's T-shirt to suck her nipples. She then moves down to finger and lick pussy. Sasha turns, pulling her pussy open to allow Tamara to slide the golden vibrator between her lips. With each stroke it goes deeper and deeper until eventually Sasha orgasms. It's now Tamara's turn to pleasure her pussy. Sasha holds a clear plastic toy for Tamara to slide up and down on. Then, lying on her back, she has her wet pussy filled with plastic until she cums.

Dressed in a black bikini, McKenzie Lee is preventing pool boys Tony and Mason from clearing the filter. She wants to play with their tools. Sitting on a sun lounger, she soon has her hands and mouth full of cock while the boys slowly strip her. They move closer to the house. Mason is told to lay down and McKenzie works his cock into her pussy with Tony filling her mouth. She bends over to taste her juices from Mason and Tony fills her pussy from behind, fingering her arse as he works away. McKenzie then rides Tony cowgirl with Mason joining in to fill her arse for a bit of DP. The scene ends with both guys covering McKenzie's tits with spunk.

This film has great girls, great guys and good hot sex. Rather unusually for Relish the colours on some of the indoor scenes appear a little flat, normally you wouldn't notice but the final scene with McKenzie is shot in "Mediterranean" style sunshine and everything is so bright and vivid. Still, Aquafuct is well worth a watch.

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