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Released: 2005
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: Doll Theatre
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Running time: 99 mins.

Following on from Analize This and Only Fools and Arses, Doll Theatre have turned their attention to Gross Brothers department store for Are You Being Serviced? (I don't know where they get the ideas from Legs Open All Hours next perhaps). The film sees established stars Faye Rampton and Keira appearing with Destiny, who up to now has done most of her work in the US, and new girl Vaieda.

Master Gross has noticed a drop in sales and has arranged for all the girls to get new uniforms to see if they can give things a boost. Faye is the first to try it on, a boa and a short T-shirt and nothing else. She soon finds the feathers tickle her fancy and she is in need of a good hard wank. Faye's fingers work well but when she finds a large plastic dick to push in her pussy it's even better.

When she returns to the shop floor the uniform is an instant success and Faye quickly gets to grips with a customer, her lips clamped tightly around his cock. Lifting her T-Shirt, she shows her special offers, rubbing the head of the dick over her nipples before talking it back to fill her mouth with cream.

The other girls set off to try out their uniforms, but not before Keira has covered Destiny and Vaieda with a litre of lube and played with their pussies. The girls slide up and down on Keria's legs as she plays with their bums. More lube is applied and there is plenty of pussy munching. Using a strap-on, Keira stuffs it deep inside Destiny's pussy then gets Vaieda to lick it clean. Double-ended dildos appear and the girls fill their pussies and arses.

Destiny sets off for the shower. Giving herself a good soaking, she slips her fingers into her pussy as she plays with a jet of water across her clit. With a hollow probe attached to the shower hose Destiny eases it into her pussy, the water squirting out past her lips. She continues to use the jet wash with more and more water and ends sitting on the floor fingering herself as the water gushes against her clit.

Johnny walks in and catches Destiny in the shower. She soon has his trousers down and is gagging on his dick. A quick lick of the pussy and Destiny is leaning against the shower wall with Johnny's cock in her cunt. The pair end hammering away on the shower floor.

Destiny rejoins the girls with Johnny in tow. Keira can't wait to get her mouth round his cock but its Vaieda who is the first to try his dick in her pussy whilst the other two watch and wank. Bending over, Keira also wants to try the man meat before the tea break is over. Munching on Vaieda's pussy she orders Johnny to bang his balls on her bum. Finally with a face full of Vaieda's bum, Destiny rides again. All three girls get to share his spunk.

With all the staff in their new attire Master Gross has a new company motto 'Satisfy Every Customer'. Paul is looking for underwear for his girl friend but is unsure of what to buy. The girls offer to don different outfits for him to see. They all look good but what do they taste like? Only one way to find out. Paul's next question is 'How easy is it to slip out of the lingerie?'. The girls are keen to show him and they then remove his pants so that Faye and Keira can have a good suck at his prick. With fingers and tongues everywhere, Vaieda is the first to have her fill of cock, then heads back to the shop with Keira. Johnny joins Faye and Destiny to see if he can be of help. A second cock comes in handy with Faye filling her mouth as Destiny has her pussy bonked. The boys cover the girls' faces in cream and everyone is happy.

The film is definitely not big budget with multi million pound sets and a cast of thousands, but with a couple of dust sheets and a sofa which has appeared in most of Doll Theatre's productions they have proven you don't need to spend a lot to produce a good, if cheesy, picture. This is well worth buying just for Destiny's shower - top marks to the camera man for keeping the lens clean.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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