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Released: 2005
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: Doll Theatre
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Running time: 127 mins.

With a cast of three - Donna, Lolly and Steve Hooper - plus a scene lifted from Dr. Loo And The Phaleks, Doll Theatre deserve top marks for making so few go such a long way.

Troubled Donna, in a short black dress, stockings and cape, arrives at her analyst with a problem. She is addicted to sex with everyone and everything but her husband. She explains as soon as he sets off to work she climbs into the bath for a good soapy wank. In the bath Donna massages her large breasts, plays with her nipples, rubs the soap hard into her clit, slipping her wet fingers between her swollen pussy lips, then finishes herself with a tongue shaped toy. The analyst wants to hear more.

Donna is next on the sofa with her friend Lolly. The two start to kiss and fondle as they remove their tops. Donna moves down to use her mouth and fingers on Lolly's arse and pussy. With her cunt dripping in lube Lolly bends over and gains membership of the 4 finger club. Time to change as Lolly slips her hand into Donna's black knickers then dons a battery powered strap-on and slips it all the way up her arse. After a long hard pounding Lolly licks deep between Donna's pussy lips. The duo then finish with a double ended dildo.

The analyst is fascinated as Donna starts to fantasise about being massaged. Lying face down on the analyst's treatment table his hands work wonders on her back and bum, then wander round to her breasts. Turning over, Donna's tits have oil rubbed in as she rubs her pussy against the analyst's leg. It's now her turn, wanking his cock with her hands then her mouth, bending over to be taken in the pussy and the arse, being taken spoons up the bum on the treatment table, having her face covered with cum.

The analyst wonders if watching porn would help and shows Donna a 3 girl scene from Dr. Loo with Alicia, Karla and McKenzie.

After viewing the scene all Donna wants to do is wank so the analyst sits back to observe. Stripping out of her black dress Donna uses her fingers on her pussy, then grabbing a bottle of mineral water she pushes this between her legs. With water dripping Donna works the bottle into her pussy. Squeezing the first empty, Donna starts on a second. Loaded with a litre of water Donna turns herself into a human fountain. The analyst thinks she needs a second session.

Back in bed with her husband Donna's mind starts to think of the analyst. She's now alone on the bed in a white basque and stockings masturbating, fingering her pussy and arse as she dreams of his cock. From fingers her dream progresses to a double ended dildo which is eased slowly into her pussy. The other end is worked into her bum and Donna DP's herself to a climax.

For her next visit to the analyst Donna is dressed in a laced pink top, pink mini, white stockings and incredibly high red shoes. This time is no fantasy. The analyst caresses her tits as he removes her top and skirt, his hands then move to her pussy. This is the therapy she wants. Bending down she takes a mouthful of cock then slips the erect prick in her wet pussy. With breasts bouncing Donna bends over backwards to accommodate the analyst. Moving to spoons her pussy gets a good hard pounding. Finally with a good dose of the analyst's cum Donna is cured.

Donna is the driving force behind this picture appearing in almost every scene and she deserves 10 out of 10 for her performance. High marks as well to Doll Theatre for producing a very watchable film even with a 'stolen' scene from Dr. Loo.

This one is a 'must' for Donna-Marie fans.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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