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Released: 2005
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Easy on the Eye
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Running time: 122 mins.

Anna prescribes a collection of five short films with a medical theme. A lot of care has been taken to assemble authentic looking props in the studio for the scenes, which are carefully shot and thoughtfully edited.

Supply Nurse
Mark Marais is laid up in hospital, complaining about the hospital food to Nurse Amazon. She checks his stats and gives him medication but, calamity, a few moments later Mark is sporting a huge erection - Nurse Amazon has given him Viagra 'by mistake'. Mark demands Amazon removes his erection the only way she knows how, by fucking him. She undresses, Mark suggests a condom and in what may be a first in British porn she slips in a female condom before mounting Mark in cowgirl. Some quite hard sex as a naked Amazon gets fucked in reverse cowgirl and spoons before she relieves her patient with her hand. And as Amazon gets dressed it turns out she's not a nurse at all ...

Sperm Sample
Ian Tate is the cleaner in Dr McKenzie Lee's laboratory. Ian claims he's a medical student - working his way up from the bottom, but it's Mckenzie who points out the inflamation in his trousers that may need treatment. As she examine's Ian's cock it starts to enlarge and now the scene is going only one way. As Ian lies on the table naked, McKenzie Lee, now out of her white coat, lowers herself onto his cock. Mckenzie is fucked doggy wearing just bra and hold-ups, then, losing her bra, takes it up the bum bent over her table. In the end Ian cums into a test tube, which McKenzie orders to be taken for analysis.

Open Wide
Cory Jazz is the patient, Alexis Silver the Dentist and Alicia Rhodes the nurse. Cory has first his mouth then his trousers checked by Alexis, who then undresses and encourages him to fuck her from behind as she licks Alicia's pussy. Cory then slips a condom on and fucks Alicia cowgirl on a stool while Alexis lies back in the Dentist's chair and plays with herself. Facial for Alicia.

Freudian Slip
Young Jessica consults Dr Sahara because she's worried she thinks about sex all the time and masturbates too much. She demonstrates how she rubs herself using the doctor's couch, then persuades Sahara to have sex with her. Sahara strips to her black stockings and suspenders while Jessica removes her pants and jeans. Jessica also has brought along a vibrator or two which the girls share. Eventually Sahara, fearful of discovery, brings the scene to a close as they hurriedly dress.

Operation Bukkake
Amazon is back for the final scene, now as a doctor, with a number of students to teach. She wants to show them female anatomy, but when her subject fails to show she strips off her scrubs and lies naked on the table with her legs spread in stirrups. The four students, all in green gowns and masks, examine her while one uses a gloved hand and vibrator in her pussy. This leads to fucking by just one student as Amazon examines the other three cocks herself. Scene ends as Amazon dons safety specs and the guys wank over her face.

I am a big fan of Anna's work as it is different from the wham bam stuff served by other, particularly American, producers. In these films she gets decent acting performances from all of the talent. I particularly enjoyed McKenzie, her perfect body naked but for hold-up stockings, taking Ian Tate's cock up her arse, still poised and, afterwards, able to deliver lines and expressions cool as you like. My complaint is that this attention to detail and wordy dialogue is beginning to get in the way of the point of the films, the fucking. The talent seems to be putting more energy into their acting, so the sex is looking fake. I found my finger hovering over fast forward more than usual. Anna's fans will enjoy, but it won't win any converts.

Review by Bayleaf
November 2005

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Britain's leading woman director Anna Span's latest work, A & O Department, has five 'standalone' scenes of 24 minutes each with a medical twist. As you would expect in an Anna Span film the lead up within the scene is as important as the sex itself and in A & O both are very well done.

Supply Nurse
Mark is in bed complaining about his hospital food and nurse Amazon comes to see what all the fuss is about. While she's there she decides to give out the medication. Unfortunately Mark gets the wrong pills and ends with an erection. From reading the box it appears that his cock will stay up for 8 hours unless he cums. This is the fifth time today that Amazon has made that mistake. She decides the only thing to do is give Mark a blow job, but all her licking and sucking only makes his dick bigger; so she strips off as the only thing to do is ride his manhood until he fires. The bed rocks and rattles as Amazon hammers down on Mark's cock and she has her tits sucked as the hump fails to bring him off. Climbing into bed, she is taken spoons, but still no spunk. Finally she wanks Mark into her mouth. Bingo, the problem is solved, but ... you'll have to watch to find out.

Sperm Sample
Dr McKenzie, in her white coat, is looking down her microscope when Ian Tate comes in to clean the lab. McKenzie notices he has a slight bulge in the front of his trousers which she is concerned about. It could be a swollen knob. Getting Ian to lie down on her table, she examines him. It looks larger than normal; so McKenzie applies the mouth test to see just how big it is. Her tongue runs round the head of Ian's cock and down the shaft. She then slips it deep down her throat, hitting her tonsils. Just as she had suspected it is swollen. Removing her blouse, skirt and knickers, McKenzie wants to run some more tests. She mounts Ian in the name of research. He pumps away at her pussy as he squeezes and sucks her tits. Turning to be taken reverse cowgirl, McKenzie's body judders and jerks as she slides up and down on the dick. Ian has to perform the last test with her bending over the table. Taking McKenzie up the bum, he thrusts as hard as he can whilst she rubs on her clit causing her to climax. A sample is needed and McKenzie dons her latex gloves to wank Ian into a test tube. He misses, covering her tits.

Open Wide
Dental nurse Alicia brings Mr Jackson into the surgery for his regular check up. Alexis can see nothing wrong with his teeth but there may be bacterial infection on his gums. Nurse Alicia slips two fingers into her pussy and applies her cunt cream to his mouth. Unzipping his jeans, Alicia starts work on his cock while Alexis strips. She does the same and both girls set to with their tongues. Alicia sits astride the dentist's chair so Alexis can get access to her pussy. With her tits swinging, Mr Jackson probes her pussy from behind. The girls swap places, Alexis on the chair, her bum twitching as Mr Jackson jabs away at her pussy and Alicia sitting on her face. Alicia moves Mr Jackson to a stool where she takes a condom in her mouth and rolls it on before easing his cock into her pussy. Alexis wanks in the background. Arching her back, Alicia plunges repeatedly onto the cock till it's ready to come. Opening her mouth, she gets a face full. Alexis takes a sample and Mr Jackson is asked to make another appointment in 6 months.

Freudian Slip
In her smart black suit Dr Sahara awaits her next patient. It's Jessica who has a serious problem - she's a nympho. Girls, boys, toys, objects, Jessica just cannot get enough sex. Sahara asks for examples, Jessica drops her jeans and grinds her pussy into the corner of the desk. Falling to her knees she tries to work her way up Sahara's skirt, ending with her head buried in her pussy. Dr Sahara sees the problem. Jessica strips the Dr to her black knickers and stockings and kissing her tits she gets her onto the examination couch where she sucks and finger fucks her fanny. Jessica gets a rampant rabbit out of her bag and to Sahara's surprise she slips it into her pussy. Turning Dr S over, Jessica rams the toy hard into her juicy hole and, gasping, Sahara climaxes. Now Jessica wants the Doctor to do the same to her. Sahara runs her tongue over Jessica's smoothly shaven mount, her fingers teasing and tweaking her clit. A second toy comes out of Jessica's bag which is pushed deep into her wet pussy. Sahara twists and slides the toy back and forth till she has a screaming orgasm. Jessica will call again tomorrow for the treatment to continue.

Operation Bukkake
Dr Amazon has an operating theatre full of students ready to see how to examine a female. Unfortunately her patient has not arrived. She is undeterred as the students can practice on her. Amazon strips and lies on the table with her legs up in stirrups. Her pussy is well lubed and one of the students pulls on his gloves to give an internal examination, Amazon wants him to pay particular attention to her clit. The students watch as a silver vibrator is inserted deep into Amazon's pussy. Playing with her tits, she give instructions as to where her most sensitive spots are. The class now prepare for penis penetration, Amazon sucking the cocks to get them hard and stiff, but only one is allowed to enter. The table squeaks and creaks as Amazon, legs held high, is fucked as she sucks on the other three cocks. Putting on her safety glasses, Amazon gets the guys to cum over her face to complete the examination.

This is another great film from Anna who knows what her audience wants and how to get her stars to perform. The dialogue in the first scene is a little weak but more than made up for in the action. The rest of the film is brilliant. Keep up the good work Anna and let's hope for plenty more films.

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