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Released: 2003
Director: Pat Myne
Notes: Fusxion
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Running time: 108 mins.

Ass Brand New dates from one of Elizabeth Lawrence's early visits to the States when, like the others in the film - Nautica Benz, Trinity and Satine Diamond - she was an up and coming starlet. Over the course of five scenes, director Pat Myne introduces the girls to the art and thrill of anal sex.

Crawling up the stairs on her hands and knees, Elizabeth stops and pulls her panties to one side, revealing a purple plug jammed into her bum. Reaching the top, she pops it out to suck and lick it. Chris moves in to replace the plastic between her lips with his prick. It slips down Elizabeth's gurgling throat. Her tongue laps out at his balls. Climbing onto a sofa, Elizabeth hangs her head back over the edge. Chris pulls at her pussy as he fucks her tonsils. Twisting, Elizabeth lands on all fours. Chris bangs in from behind, jolting her white studded belt towards her boobs. Falling back, Elizabeth finds herself riding Chris's cock. She moves it from her pussy into her arse and bangs down. There's more anal action for Elizabeth, this time missionary. With her knees pushed back into her chest, Chris hammers away. Tongue out, Elizabeth accepts Chris's cream. It dribbles from the corners of her mouth.

The set-ups and scenarios for the scenes may not be original, but the film is well shot and put together. With enthusiastic performances from the girls and guys, Ass Brand New is a good way to see a young Elizabeth in action.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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