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Released: 2005
Director: Di Santo
Notes: Ruder Britannia / Pornostatic
Alternate Titles
  • AGA All Girl Annihilation
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 110 mins.

AGA is a rather strange film. Some of the scenes are brilliant, others you watch and think why are they there, and then there are the ones which get you annoyed because of technical ineptitude. Then there is the title All Girl; this film is not. Those who only want end-to-end girl on girl action will be disappointed, there are at least four large cocks to help the girls along.

Alicia is first up to be stretched and annihilated, though not by guys but by five girls with toys and strap-ons, including Isabel Ice, Kyla and Anjali. In her short white boots Isabel tightens the buckles of her fluorescent pink strap-on and sets about attacking Alicia's arse. The girls pull Alicia's legs back so the full force of the pile driving can be taken up her bum. Now gaping, toys and fingers are pushed into both openings. Part 2 of Alicia is towards the end of the film.

Isabel is on the bed with two guys who are abusing her pussy with an enormous stainless steel toy as they get their instructions from Lady Boss via a mobile. The use of a mobile is great in theory but plays hell with the sound track for the rest of the scene with buzzing, cracks and screeches. Why was the sound not re-dubbed in editing? Lady Boss instructs the boys to lube Isabel ready for action and two clear tubes are inserted for the white gloop to be poured into her pussy and arse. With a mouth full of cock the boys start to finger Isabel, the lube oozing out of her holes and dripping off her pussy lips. The boys seem amazed at the amount of dick Isabel can swallow, taking them up to their balls as her pussy is pumped by a large red toy. They are even more astonished when the red dildo disappears into Isabel's arse. Sliding one of the cocks into her slippy wet pussy Isabel falls forward so the second can enter her arse. The boys hammer away at her holes until they are ready to cum, firing their loads into Isabel's mouth. Normally that would be the end but Isabel wants more. She uses the red dildo on her cunt then deep throats the toy to taste her own juices.

Now the boys have finished with Isabel it's time for the girls to have a go. Donna and Lia are joined by two others to bang her pussy and arse into oblivion. Donna uses her strap-on to make Isabel gape, a glass dildo is then used which all the girls lick. Reaching for a huge red dildo Donna works it into Isabel's ring then tries to make her take the full length.

In a short scene (back in the dressing area before/after the action?) Isabel inserts an inflatable butt plug to see how far she can go. When it comes out it looks like a small rugby ball.

Looking as if she has been playing with a make-up box, Felicity, with comical red cheeks, enters the bathroom to play with herself. A couple of minutes with her hand down her knickers and she changes her mind, dropping to the floor in front of the cameraman to give him a blow job. After a good sucking he lets fly in her eye.

Gagged, Felicity is lead to an inflatable bed by Solange where Lia and another couple of girls lie in wait. Ripping Felicity's fishnet tights Solange gets access and empties a bottle of lube through a plastic tube into her pussy. There's a slight mishap with a pair of heels and the inflatable bed but this fails to stop a black strap-on being shoved into Felicity's sloppy pussy. More lube is worked into her arse and the strap-on hammered home as the girls spank her bum cheeks for encouragement.

Smoking and in a white one-piece, Anjali is joined by Solange, in black PVC and thigh-length boots. Anjali wants cock, but not any cock - she wants the 12 inches of Mr Shaft. With a cigarette in one hand she gives him a blow job then turns to suck Solange's nipples. Attaching a chain to Anjali's collar Solange leads her over to a chair where Mr Shaft is waiting to enter her pussy. Solange watches the sucking and fucking then starts with a double ended dildo in her own wet pussy. The pair kneel to take spunk on their faces.

Alicia is ready for part 2 of her annihilation and is joined by yet more girls including Isabel and Carley (as Randy Rain). The action starts straight away with toys and fingers flying into every hole. Carley uses the strap-on and after pulling out of Alicia's bum someone slides four fingers into her gaping arse. After toys and fingers the only thing left is feet, Alicia opening her mouth wide and swallowing someone's size sixes. The scene is marred by poor lighting with bright sunlight in one spot causing the rest of the picture to appear bleached. And why didn't someone answer the phone?

The final scene sees Isabel being opened by Donna, Alicia and another couple of girls. She has given out plenty of punishment and now is the time for the girls to get their revenge. Gagging on a strap-on Alicia starts work on her pussy, then Donna thrusts her arse in Isabel's face for her to tongue. Shoving Alicia's juice covered fist into her mouth Isabel gives the thumbs up when the girls go for her bum. A large dildo is worked round her pussy and a good dollop of lube applied to her arse so Alicia can slam in the strap on. The bum bonking continues till the end of the scene.

New girls Felicity and Solange made promising debuts to their careers and let's hope we see more of them. Some parts of the film production were up with the best but Pornostatic should take a good hard look at their editing, re-dubbing when things don't sound right and rejecting badly shot sections. Collecting the two or three minute scenes into a "behind the scenes" extra also wouldn't be a bad idea as they didn't always add to the film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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