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Released: 2005
Director: Rick D Brick
Notes: DNA Movies
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Running time: 84 mins.

Bev Cocks appears with four American girls: Jamie Ellis, Austin O'Reily, Brandy Star and Misty, in this 'all-anal' film where not all the girls do anal.

Bev appears in the third scene shot in a rather cluttered bedroom. She is wearing a mint green dress which is soon removed. Lying down, Bev has her pussy and arse probed by a tongue then pulls her legs back to take the guy's length between her moist labia. A quick lick and Bev mounts the cock, the guy's balls bouncing against her hairy pussy as the pair rhythmically dance up and down. Turning on one side, Bev lifts a leg in the air for the guy to slip his dick into her arse. She then moves to all fours to take more of the length into her bum. The short scene ends with the guy covering Bev's chin in cream.

With the exception of Bev the girls just seemed to be going through the motions, waiting for the director to shout cut so they could go home. The film lacked any imagination, containing five short scenes of mediocre uninspired acting with an awful soundtrack.

Even die hard Bev Cocks fans may find this one disappointing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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