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Released: 2005
Director: Marino
Notes: Spanking Tomato
Alternate Titles
  • Road Trip to Hertfordshire Television X series
Notes and Reviews

Thanks to Riley for the review copy.

Another Road Trip lifted from Marino's store cupboard of goodies, that looks to have been shot in winter 2002. It's so cold and wintry that Marino apologises for the lack of in-car entertainment. Apart from a short piece inside a steamed-up Range Rover - where Bob and Marino fake a crash to emphasise the point - the only exteriors are with Teoni playing snowballs on a crisp and bright winter's morning.

Jenny Loveitt has her denim clad bum in the air when Marino introduces her to camera. He explains she is a bit nervous doing a Road Trip (yeah right) but, by the time he has her naked on the bed, he goes straight for the A for some vigorous fucking. Bob Scott, who has been filming, undresses and takes over fucking duty and the scene ends with Jenny taking both guys in cowgirl DP and facials.

Back home after their adventure collecting Teoni, Bob and Marino leave her together with Jamie Woods and dildos for a g/g scene. After some outdoor snowballing next morning Marino brings Teoni back inside, unwraps her, and fucks her on the sofa one-to-one. Anal in doggy and missionary then Teoni kneels to take a facial.

More g/g action for Teoni as Bob and Marino drive to another posh location with a pool where she joins Alyssa Jenkins in the water. The action continues poolside with dildos after the girls towel themselves dry.

Back in the car and Teoni is, inexplicably, replaced by Jamie as they race to another location where Marino (naked) sits between Jamie and Alyssa (naked) with Ian (Dirty Dog) Tate and Mark Marais (both naked) in attendance. Cos it's his show, Marino gets first crack at the girls then stands aside for Mark and Ian. Plenty of anal fucking here and both girls are frequently double penetrated on the sofa and the rest of the lounge furniture. Ends with three facials and cum-swapping.

Marino whisks Jamie away to the shower where she pisses over him and he fucks her athletically on the side of the bath.

Next morning Alyssa has gone and the guys are playing pool (this table has featured in previous trips) when Jamie returns having found Paige, she says, wandering around outside. In no time Jamie whips Paige's knickers off and takes her to the pool table for some g/g sex while the five guys watch. Mark and Ian join the girls on the table and by the time Marino joins in everyone is naked, cocks are slipping in arses and there's a cowgirl DP for Paige. Ends with three excellent facials for the girls.

Another fine ensemble piece, with Mark joining the team for the first time. Jenny Loveitt is her usual voracious self and Jamie proves just how dirty she can be. Hard to complain about the lack of in-car scenes with such a dirty lot doing the business indoors. Not the best, but worth a look.

Review by Bayleaf
August 2005

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