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Released: 2005
Director: Mo Cheeks
Notes: DNA
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Running time: 110 mins.

Ass Holes stars Isabel Ice with four Americans in, as you would expect, a film about girls who like it up the bum - or at least most of them do.

In a shoddy-looking set consisting of a sofa with an old bedspread thrown over it and an old flag on the wall, Isabel appears first. She is joined by a guy who soon has her black top off and is sucking on her tits. Isabel leans forward to take the guy deep down her throat. Gagging, she sticks out her tongue to lick his balls. Dropping her knickers, Isabel's arsehole twitches as she pulls open her lips ready to fill her pussy with prick. Kneeling, she wants to taste her juices, her eyes blink as the cock prods her tonsils. Holding herself above the guy's erection Isabel guides the shaft up her arse, thrusting forward her half-shaved pussy (yes, only the left side is shaved!!). Pulling the cock out she smears the bum liquor over her face then hammers herself back down on the dick. Isabel turns, sticking her bum high in the air and, riving her arse open, the guy pounds away at her gaping black hole. Opening her mouth, Isabel gets her tongue covered in cream and she gargles before she swallows.

This film is a bit of a mishmash and though all the work is reported to be new it gives the impression of a poorly assembled compilation where the scenes have little to link them. Whilst Isabel was as dirty as normal, her scene was marred by the cover on the sofa which kept moving and rucking up, obscuring the action. Some good performances let down by tatty sets and shoddy props.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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