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Released: 2005
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 151 mins.

For most people In Car Entertainment is a good sound system coupled to a decent CD multi-changer, but for Anjali and her friends it's off to a car park in the dead of night to suck and be fucked by strangers on the back seat of DiSantos BMW.

Aya, in a short black dress, has come to see DiSanto because she loves having cum spattered on her face. Packed off in the car they head to the nearest dogging spot. On arrival the guys mill round the car pressing thier dicks at the window. Aya opens it and starts to suck. After the first cock Aya jumps out into the darkness as the faceless crowd queue to be blow-jobbed. Load after load of spunk is sprayed on Aya's face, the steam rising from the jizz in the cold night air. Having taken a good dozen men it's back home for Aya.

Anjali is in her kinky black boots playing with her pussy through her small pink panties as she and DiSanto cruise an industrial estate looking for action. They eventually find a solitary guy in his car and Anjali invites him into the back seat for fun. Taking down his trousers she deep throats his cock as he fingers her pussy and arse. In the cramped conditions Anjali slips his condom clad cock in her cunt to ride him cowgirl. The pair get out of the car and Anjali bends over the boot to be taken from behind, but they are quickly back in from the cold to finish their shagging, spoons, on the rear seat. Anjali saves the interior from spunk, catching most in her mouth.

Blue eyed blonde Felicity is being taken on a mystery tour of dog end London in her net top and fishnet tights. Hungry, she wants something to eat. Bob the driver has just the thing as he swings the car into a darkened car park - a pile of dicks. Guys come out of the blackness and Felicity feasts her self on cock, taking them deep down her throat then wanking them till they cum. Large ones, small ones, even a cock with a ring through the end, none of them faze Felicity. With all the guys empty, Felicity treats Bob the driver, ripping apart her fishnets then bending over the bonnet to let him fuck her.

Claudia is next in the passenger seat as DiSanto sets off for the next cock-infested car park. Opening the window, dick after dick is thrust into Claudia's mouth and she sucks them till they come. Wiping the spunk off her chin, Claudia climbs out for some more cock sucking action, stopping only when there are no guys left standing. DiSanto promises her she can come again.

Shiraz is sitting in the back of a car in a secluded wood, playing with her pussy through her red split-crotch knickers and talking on the phone, as DiSanto approaches. Pulling open her pussy she fingers herself as he watches then invites him into the car to be sucked. Starting with her tongue on his cock she laps the end then runs it up and down the erect shaft. She does a very good job and he fires his load over her.

Nancy is dressed to go out for the night in a short black dress, stockings and no knickers, for easy access, but it's not a party but a car park where she is heading. Playing with herself as they drive, Nancy's pussy is dripping wet when the car pulls up. Guy after guy comes out of the bushes to be taken in Nancy's mouth and finger her wet pussy, spunk dripping off her face onto her black dress. Unfortunately in this scene the blob which obscures the car number plate also covers most of the action.

Tiara Gomez has broken down. Judging by the sound of the chirping cicadas, the lucky girl is on her holidays. Better still DiSanto is at hand. He knows nothing about cars but a lot about licking pussy. Playing with her pussy, he is invited in to help finger and lick her. Outside Tiara bends over to slip his man meat in her pussy as a car rumbles past in the distance. Having had her fill of cock time for a night cap, a mouth full of cum.

Claudia is back in the car, this time in a short skirt and black stockings, and she is hungry for dick. An assortment of pricks present themselves at the car which she duly sucks and wanks over her face. 'How Many' the camera man shouts. '10, 12. I've lost count ... but it's not enough'.

Czech girl Jessica is the last in the film. Dressed in her finest leather underwear and boots she practices with DiSanto before she sets out. Her pussy is getting wet at the thought of all those cocks and has to be licked dry by the intrepid cameraman. Jessica is met by a dozen guys all willing and eager to have a blow job and be wanked off, some are even allowed to play with her pussy. With her first group drained Jessica sets off across the car park on the hunt for more dick. She comes across another two or three and wanks their cream into her cleavage before setting off home.

With all the action shot out of doors on cold nights the film looks the way you would expect real dogging sessions to be - hot breath, steaming spunk and very enthusiastic girls. When you consider the problems of shooting a film in cars and in the dark I.C.E. is very well done, top marks to DiSanto. Technically this is one of the best films the Pornostatic team have produced.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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