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Released: 2005
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Adult Channel XXX / Hot Rod
Alternate Titles
  • Extreme Filth
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 135 mins.

Angel Long's Extreme Filth has six self contained 24 minute scenes shot by Phil Barry at Pumpkin for the Adult Channel, which, as the box says, were too hot to broadcast. Angel is the link and is heavily involved in all the action, ably supported by a host of British girls.

Warehouse Whore. Angel, in a backless black top and mini skirt, sets off to the warehouse with Alicia Rhodes, dressed in red and denim, looking for guys to fuck. Working a forklift they find Alex and Demitri and soon they are raising their cocks. Stripped, Angel lies across some pallets with her mouth open getting her throat fucked by Demitri as Alex licks at her pussy. Alicia shows she too is no slouch when it comes to swallowing man meat, gagging as Alex's pierced dick fills her mouth before giving it a good tit wank. Alicia is first to ride, Angel lapping at the shaft as it disappears into the damp pussy. Angel then takes a turn herself riding cock. Pushing four fingers deep into her arse Alicia gets her bum to gape ready for anal action. The girls 69 while having their backsides stuffed as they tongue each other's fannies. When the boys cum Alicia takes both loads in her mouth then shares it with Angel in a spunky kiss.

Extreme Vegetarian. Angel is in the kitchen with Donna Marie having a carrot pushed up her wet cunt with Lexi watching on. For the non veggies Frazer and Pavlo are at hand to provide man meat which Donna is only too happy to try. The juices are running when Frazer and Donna remove the carrot to lick at Angel's cunt. Lexi is also having a culinary class in clit manipulation with a courgette, the smooth green veg sliding effortlessly through the hole in her fishnets. While Donna feasts her face on Frazer, Angel eases a huge cucumber into her tight arse hole, she then bends over backward to lick at Donna's pussy as it is being fucked. Lexi also gives up on the healthy option, filling herself with Pavlo's dick. The session ends with Angel taking a cock and carrot DP then taking a mouth full of cream, Donna catching the drips.

Pool Cue Sex. It's a girls night out. Angel and friends Helen and Lynsey have ended up in a club watching Michelle Thorne pole dance. The sight of her bikini-clad body gets the girls going, Angel joining Michelle on the stage, the other two closely following. Unzipping her red PVC pants, Angel gets the girls to fill her fanny with fingers as she licks and laps at which ever cunt is closest. Angel is then opened wide by all three girls at once. Sitting on the bar with her legs spread wide Michelle hands Angel a pool cue which she sucks before it's popped between her legs. Helen and Lynsey play with each other as they watch Angel slide the cue up her arse. She then takes a second cue and after sucking it pots the pink. The girls work Angel till the juices are flowing. She ends licking the cues clean.

Photo Fucked. In a slashed white top and black PVC skirt Charissa is preparing Angel for a photo shoot. To get into the mood she flashes her fanny at the photographer and insists Charissa gives him a blow job as he works. Camera discarded, the photographer works his way up Angel's legs, fillng her fanny with fingers and tongue. Charissa strips and lies beside the pair wanking. Lifting Angel's legs high in the air the photographer hammers her pussy while she shouts and screams for more. Angel sits on Charissa's face forcing her swollen lips into her mouth as the pair play with her arse making her gape. She is then taken briefly up the bum before having her face spattered in cum.

Dial a Whore. Neil and Jules are up for fun and think they have found the solution when they find Angel's advert in the paper. She is round in minutes, stripping out of her black suit she wants to see what the boys have to offer in the cock department, wanking and deep throating their members. Removing her black knickers she uses both hands on the lads, then takes the two cocks in her mouth at once. Lying on the floor the boys take turns fucking Angel missionary. Pale and pasty Neil hammers away followed by Jules' dark dick and she sucks on the cocks to taste herself. Turning, Angel gets Jules to shag her arse, his balls banging her pussy while she tongues Neil's shaft. Angel wants to be taken reverse cowgirl, but after a few quick strokes up her bum Neil is ready to cum. She opens her mouth to take both boys jizz and ends licking both dicks.

Keep Fit Fuck. Down at the gym Angel and Autumn are watching three guys pumping iron, but the only muscle these girls want to see flexing is the one between their legs. Autumn assists Angel as the pair start work licking dick. With the guys now nice and hard Autumn lies on an exercise bench with her knickers removed having her slit tongued, while Angel gags on the other two guys as they fondle her bum. As Autumn is being fucked in the background Angel tackles the two guys, one at a time at first then both together, getting her arse and pussy filled. All three cum over Angel's face with Autumn collecting the spunk as it dribbles down.

Angel is hot, horny and very, very naughty throughout the film. Her supporting girls and studs all put in excellent performances which help the action flow. Extreme Filth is a must for any Angel fan or those who want to see British girls in a good hard action film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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