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Released: 2006
Notes: Hollywood Fuck Factory
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Running time: 138 mins.

At over two hours long and with only two girls, Layla~Jade and Olivia Saint, you have to do something special to keep the action going, and for the most part Anal Destruction 1 manages to do that.

Hardly recognisable, Layla looks like Marilyn Monroe as she climbs the stairs in her flowing pink skirt and bra top. Seated on a brightly coloured sofa she talks about getting fucked as her fingers slip past her tight pink knickers. The first two guys appear and she wraps her luscious red lips around their cocks and inches her way towards their balls. Two more arrive and, surrounded by cocks, Layla sucks and wanks, her tongue curling around the guys' knob ends. As she kneels another two join in and Layla takes their nut sacks into her mouth and chews. The boys rub their chebs over her face. She lies back with a cock in her mouth and the rest queue up to fuck her. Having taken the first couple missionary, Layla turns to take the rest doggy. Layla wants to ride cock and, rolling her hips, she eases her way down a dick. Having had her fill in the pussy she wants the guys in her arse. With Layla down on all fours the boys bang away at her bum hole. She tastes herself then lies to be arse fucked missionary. Two of the guys place their arms under her knees and across her back, picking her up. She is gently swung back and forth with a dick in her back passage. With her up on her shoulders, the last two pile drive her arse leaving it gaping. She still wants more and gets the guys to pair up so she can be DP'd. After over an hour of shagging Layla still looks cool and collected, not a hair out of place, not a smudge on her make-up. This changes when all six spatter her face in spunk.

Olivia in her scene is even slightly dirtier, taking two cocks at a time in her pussy.

Both girls performed exceptionally well throughout and for a girl who had just taken six cocks in her arse, Layla was remarkably calm and looked as good as she did at the start of the scene. The film, though a little grainy, was fine till the last couple of minutes - Olivia had been building up to the cum shots and someone chopped the end of the film off. A must have film for Layla~Jade fans even with the end missing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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