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Released: 2006
Director: Ian Tate and Viv Thomas
Notes: Viv Thomas
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 207 mins.

Dirty Dog 4 follows Ian Tate as he shags his way through seven girls in six long scenes shot in a diary-cum-gonzo format. Jamie, Frankie, Angel and McKenzie along with Ariana Jollie appear in London based scenes, with Maria Belluci and Barbie benefiting from the Portuguese sun in their scenes.

The film starts with some 'arty' black and white footage of Jamie Brooks posing for a photographer in her sexy lingerie. Behind the cameraman, Ian and Steve Hooper sit wanking on the sofa. The colours gradually fade in as Jamie strips and kneels between the boys. A cock in each hand, she starts to suck. Gagging on the guys, she shows how much she can swallow. Ian lifts Jamie up and places her on a large stool. His fingers enter her already damp pussy. With Ian's cock in her cunt, Steve shoves his dick down Jamie's throat and his balls bang against her nose as she is spit roasted. With Jamie on all fours, the boys continue their banging, Steve stroking her blonde hair as his prick penetrates her pussy. Ian lies flat and Jamie slides his cock up her arse and starts to ride. Then Steve fills her empty fanny. With her mascara smearing, the two jerk off over Jamie, Steve in her mouth and Ian coating her face.

Under the brilliant Mediterranean sun, Ian next shags Maria Belluci by the pool.

On his return to the UK, Ian is in search of new locations for his next shoot, but first he needs his camera. Back at his apartment he finds Angel and McKenzie in a good snogging session on the sofa. Pulling down McKenzie's black knickers, Angel laps at her arse as she slides her fingers into her fanny. The two strip, McKenzie climbing between Angel's legs to get to her cunt, her tongue poking deep into her wet hole. The girls turn their attention to Ian, licking either side of his shaft. The cameraman joins in, pushing his face into McKenzie's pussy as Angel gags on cock. The guys sit back on the sofa to have their manhoods sucked and Angel dribbles down the cock as she swallows. The girls swap guys. As she rubs her clit against Ian's nose, Angel's pussy lips are parted. The cameraman's tongue dances over McKenzie's mound. The girls mount the guys and start to ride. Having had their pussies stuffed, the pair push cocks into their arses. Angel wanks as McKenzie is DP'd. It's then her turn for double dicking. A little more anal action for both and the two sit open-mouthed waiting for cum. They kiss and swap spunk.

Barbie is Ian's next conquest as he beats her then bonks her on the pool table.

Frankie sits on the bed in her salmon and black corset and stockings, twiddling with her long dark hair. Following his trip to Europe Ian is looking forward to seeing her. Frankie tells him British girls fuck the best as she fondles her fanny. Ian is impressed as she pulls at her erect nipples which peek out of the top of her corset. He's even happier when Frankie undoes his jeans and wraps her lips around his cock. As she gargles and gurgles, Ian's dick disappears down Frankie's throat. Her tongue runs around the head collecting the strings of spit. As she lies with her head over the edge of the bed, Ian fucks her tonsils. He can't believe Frankie can take him as far as his balls. Her body trembles with pleasure as Ian laps and finger fucks Frankie. As he licks her arse she tugs at her clit. She lies face down and Ian enters her from behind. Words change to groans as the humping gets harder. Crouching over Ian's cock, Frankie lowers herself down. He holds her ankles as she bounces. Holding her pussy open wide, Frankie smiles as she is fucked missionary, her nylon clad legs locking with Ian's. Screaming she orgasms and Ian quickly follows, covering Frankie's face.

Ian's final scene is with Ariana Jollie in his apartment. She wears awful tasselled boots, but the action is hot.

The camera and lights are very much in evidence in this film and in the intros to the scene Ian talks at the viewer rather than the girls. The only other slight gripe is Angel and McKenzie's scene. The action is hard and hot as you world expect, but some of the action is in shadow and the guys and girls trying to film Point of View stuff doesn't always work. If it's value for money you are after, seven great girls and a 3-hour-plus film can't be bad.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (November 2006):

For the fourth of Ian's Dirty Dog series he makes virtue out of necessity by pitting some of the stuff he shoots with Viv Thomas on his European jaunts with a batch of UK bitches to see who's the best fuck. The competition is fucking fierce for the first filly Jamie Brookes. She takes on both Ian and Steve Hooper, starting with her trademark noisy deepthroating before she lies back to take Ian's cock. This is a hard, noisy scene, with Jamie shouting and gasping everytime she pauses to take a cock out of her mouth. The guys soon start to fuck her arse and this soon moves to DP's both ways and ends with a fine double facial.

Taking time out from filming The Au Pair, Ian and Janos are watching Maria Belluci by the pool. Maria gives the guys a short solo show on the sun lounger before they both join her for sex. Jamie has set the bar high in this competition so Monica adjusts her bikini and gets fucked every way including ending with fine facials But without a dp, has she done enough?

Back in London, Ian and Mark Mason are scouting for locations. When they pop back to the flat they find Angel and McKenzie pleasuring each other in the living room, so Ian immediately picks up the camera to record the action. After some lengthy g/g activity the girls want him and Mark to join in - which they do. A fine foursome follows with plenty of swapping partners, dirty talk (especially from the girls), anal, atm and reverse cowgirl DP's for both girls. Finally there's a decent facial for each girl which allows them to indulge in some cum-swapping too.

Ian discovers Barbie playing pool wearing just high heels. After a few more shots, Ian lifts Barbie onto the table so he can lick her pussy and finger fuck her. Suitably aroused she is quite happy to let Ian fuck her, although this takes place on a nearby sofa. Deep fucking, but no anal. Are the Brits nudging ahead?

Not according to Dirty Dog, who at the start of the next scene announces that the Yanks and the Europeans are in the lead (what Yanks?). Ian has Frankie in his viewfinder and chats to her as she removes her basque, leaving her naked except for black hold-ups. Frankie unzips Ian's jeans to give his cock a long and noisy bj before the man joins her on the bed for more extended foreplay and a fine fucking in all positions. Ends with a good facial.

Finally Ariana Jolie crawls across the floor towards Ian, who is sitting on a sofa. By removing her fur jacket she reveals she is naked apart from her knickers and heeled boots. After some extended foreplay, Ariana is firmly fucked in all positions wearing just her boots, taking Ian's cock deeply up her arse in doggy. More great work in other positions including a particularly good reverse cowgirl anal and atm.

Not sure if Ian reaches any firm conclusion but I can think of worse ways to spend 3 hours and 20 minutes than in the company of stunning girls getting totally and utterly fucked. Well shot with great British girls. Highly recommended.

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