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Released: 2005
Director: Sal Genoa
Notes: Anabolic
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Running time: 157 mins.

Attired in black lingerie and long shiny boots, a blonde Holly crawls towards a sofa where two guys have their cocks sticking up through some cream cakes. Licking at the dicks, Holly soon has the boys clean and is feeding their lengths past her tonsils. Stripped down to her boots, Holly bends to be taken from behind. She's pulled back to ride reverse. Guiding one guy into her arse, Holly eases the second cheb into her pussy. The boys bang away as the camera zooms in and out. Holly tastes her handiwork. A cock in her mouth, the other alternately fills her pussy and arse. Balls twitching, a guy shoots his load up her bum. Spreading her cheeks, Holly lets it dribble over her fingers and licks. The boys slap a cream pie in her face.

The following five scenes with Hillary Scott, Courtney Cummz, Sanna, Georgia Starr and Genesis Skye all follow the same pattern and so are slightly repetitive. The biggest complaint, however, is with the camerawork. It appears the operator has just found how the zoom works and throughout every scene it's 'zoom on the face' for 2 seconds, 'zoom out' for 2 seconds, 'zoom on the action' for 2 seconds and 'zoom out' for 2 seconds. VERY irritating when most of the scene is shot like this. Ass Cream Pies 8 fails to deliver.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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