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Released: 2006
Director: Hazza B Gunne
Notes: Relish
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Running time: 139 mins.

The team at Relish have brought together seven hot British girls and the lovely Claudia Rossi for this tale mixing sport and media. Pete le Meat is the anchor man on Adult Recreational Sporting Entertainment (the ARSE Channel) and with his roving reporter Willy Savage they bring the latest sports sex news.

The first report comes from the ladies five-a-side final where at half-time Relish FU are being beaten 4-0. Reporter Willy tries to interview Natalie and Claudia but they push their way past and enter the Ref's dressing room. Steve Hooper is the Ref - can he be persuaded to swing the game? The girls slowly strip, Natalie balances on the edge of his desk fingering herself while Claudia kneels to give his whistle a blow job. Steve is made of stronger stuff and can't be swayed that easily. Claudia swallows his cock and Natalie joins in to show her ball control. With the two girls running their tongues over his shaft Steve has to stay impartial. Perhaps if they ride his cock things may change. Claudia climbs on to jog up and down. Natalie bends over the desk so Steve can enter her box from behind. Claudia wanks her self off with his whistle. Hoping a little anal action may help the result, Claudia pulls her cheeks apart for Steve to enter her bum. Natalie appears with a strap-on ready to help the Ref DP the striker. Steve will do it. As he sprays his spunk into the cup, the girls lick the silverware clean.

The next report is from the tennis world where two promising new Brits put their success in the ladies doubles down to a new training regime. Willy Savage sets out to investigate. Renee and Suzie sit by a pool in their white tennis gear and explain the training technique. It's hard-core in the tennis court. Trainer Danny pops out of the pool to demonstrate. The girls practice their grip on his dick, showing how it can be adjusted as they wank the head of his cock into their mouths. Danny fondles the duo's tits and pussy as they practice gagging with cock down to their tonsils. Now time for some stretching. Danny licks the girls' pussies then opens their love tubes with his fingers. Suzie climbs between Renee's legs, lapping at the pair as they hump. Running her tongue over Suzie's clit, Renee bends to be served from behind. Time to change ends. Danny sits as Suzie slips his cock into her pussy and rides him reverse cowgirl. Lying on the grass, Renee rubs her pussy over Suzie's face while Danny practices his lunge deep into her pussy. Danny sprays his cream over Suzie's stomach and Renee licks it off ... pity there's no strawberries.

Back at the five-a-side there has been a remarkable result. Relish FU have won. The cameras go into the dressing room with Natalie, Claudia, Jemstone and Tamara Noon to watch their post match celebrations. Stripping out of their kit, the girls finger and lick around the penalty area exploring each other's clits with their tongues. Natalie finds the best way to drink champagne is off Claudia's pussy. Jemstone and Tamara are just happy to feast on fanny. The girls are given some toys to play with. Tamara stuffs Claudia's pussy with vibrating plastic and Natalie holds a large toy between her teeth as she shoves the other end deep into Jemstone's gaping hole. A loud pulsating dildo orgy follows, the girls screaming and crying as they climax. To commemorate the victory there's one final thing Claudia wants to do - fuck the rest of the team with her huge strap-on.

The final report comes from the site of the 2012 Oh Limp Dicks, the worlds first sexual games. Willy finds British competitors Ian Tait and Elle Brook already in training for the fuckathon, but it will take hours of rigorous shagging to reach their peak performance. The couple go through their work out. Elle pulls off Ian's pants and slips his cock down her throat. He remains rigid as she licks and laps at his balls. As Elle jerks him off he moves for her nipples, gently squeezing them between his lips. Elle drops her shorts to have her bum and arse fingered, then, standing on one leg, Ian pops his prick into her pussy. The pair lie down, Elle tonguing Ian's balls, then, sliding down, she slips down his shaft to ride him cowgirl. Tasting her juices, Elle remounts Ian the other way round before taking it in the arse. Oh! the loneliness of the long distance humper. The end is in sight and Ian prepares for a final spurt. Elle takes it over her face.

Weather girl Taylor Morgan wraps up the show with a forecast. She's invited over to see what Pete has under the desk. Grabbing hold of his prick, Taylor gives it a good hard suck. It appears there may be damp patches tonight as she swallows the cock. As he removes Taylor's knickers she can sense a large front entering her fanny from the south followed by prolonged pussy pounding and the occasional boob bounce. Lying on the desk, Taylor is fucked missionary style. Pete moves to the floor to let her ride his dick. Taylor spins from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl ending up with Pete's cock in her arse. The pair fall over and end the session spoons. Kneeling, Taylor prepares for showers as Pete wanks off in her mouth.

With eight hot girls, good horny action and a very corny plot, Relish should be on to a winner. Unfortunately the company which set the standard in production has gone off the boil recently and Anchor Man Jam is a victim. Too may of the scenes are over exposed making the colours pale and bleached. The close up work was fine, it's the middle and distant shots which let the film down. It's a pity as there were great performances from the girls. Disappointing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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