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Released: 2006
Notes: Your Choice
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Keira is in Amsterdam with fellow Brits Mark Sloan and Lee Henshaw, and she's looking for a job, which is why she finds herself at the offices of the ACME film company being auditioned by Faye Rampton. The audition takes place on an old sofa in the stockroom and after some initial pussy licking the main test is how much of a large double-ended dildo the girls can accommodate in their pussies and arses. Eschewing conventional lube, Keira pushes a full plastic mineral water bottle into Faye's pussy and squeezes, with spectacular gushing results.

Keira agrees to let the guys stay over at the flat she shares with Suzie Best. The following morning Mark simply pulls his cock from his boxers and Suzie drops to her knees in the kitchen to take it in her mouth. The pair strip off and Mark gives Suzie a good fucking on the work surfaces and the floor (on a handy large red cushion) including anal in reverse cowgirl and A2M. Ends with a facial.

Later Keira is at Lee's specialist vinyl music store when Mark arrives too. Lee puts some music on the turntables and Keira performs an impromptu strip for the boys (and other customer). Predictably this leads to sex with both guys, mainly on some big cushions on the floor. The sex is noisy and Keira is vocal, especially as she gets doggy DP'd. Scene ends with two facials.

That night, after a fish and chip supper (extra mushy peas for my northern friend please), Lee's plan is to pick up a couple of girls and he reveals a bottle of Tequila to help with the plan. The lucky girls turn out to be Emma and Amber. The girls get taken home where they are showered with champagne in a large but empty jacuzzi. Stripping off their now wet clothes the girls get into each other before Lee joins them for a threesome. Fucking in the empty baths and on the floor (those red cushions again) and Emma gets her arse fucked in spoons and reverse cowgirl. To finish Lee delivers facials of spunk and champagne.

After their exertions, the guys fore swear sex for a week then, seven days later, they're playing strip poker with Amber and Suzie. Once naked, Suzie pairs with Mark and Lee with Amber and the foursome move from the table to a couple of generously proportioned sofas to fuck. Mark fucks Suzie up the arse again then, while the guys watch, the girls get together 69-wise on the coffee table. While the girls stay on the table, Lee puts his load into Amber's mouth while Mark shoots over Suzie's bum, which allows for some cum-swapping.

This is the first of Your Choice's own productions and will, according to the final caption, be continued. Shot in 16:9 HD ready, it certainly looks good. Well lit and with generally good sound, the up market-interiors are well chosen. With linking scenes shot in a chip shop, coffee shop and bar this is a well-financed production shot by an experienced crew. There isn't a plot, but enough dialogue to link the scenes of enthusiastic fucking together. So why isn't this January release getting my film-of-the-year award? The short answer is the talent.

Keira acts well throughout with her new boobs filling skimpy clothes to good effect, while her legendary athleticism is hardly used, but she's the best of the Essex-girls abroad. They perform well enough, but just don't have the looks or the class to make this a must see. And Faye's talents are woefully under used. Lee Henshaw is his usual rock-hard self, but it's the first time I've seen Mark struggling for wood and he wears a cock-ring in the final scene.

The well-authored DVD includes a stills gallery and a very good 20 minute behind the scenes film. Worth watching, but room for improvement in the sequel.

Review by Bayleaf
February 2006

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