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Released: 2006
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films / Big Willy Productions
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Running time: 167 mins.

On paper The Affair must have looked a guaranteed winner, pairing one of the largest sets of boobs with one of the biggest cocks in Britporn. Combine the film making experience of Pumpkin and Big Willy productions, mix in the truly delightful Elle Brook and you'd have a shoe-in for the best film of the year. Unfortunately the sum of the parts just doesn't add up.

Cathy Barry and Omar Williams meet on a Bristol street while she is filming some inserts for husband Phil. Cathy leaves Phil and his crew to take Omar back to her studio - followed by a second crew who are 'filming a documentary'. After a tour of Cathy & Phil's impressive facilities the pair can't keep their hands off each other and they fuck in a corner of the studio. Moving to another studio set - which will be familiar to regular viewers - the naked couple continue fucking up to and beyond Omar's climax over Cathy's pussy.

In the next studio scene, which Omar now appears to be directing, Cathy is working with Elle Brook in hard gg action (nice hide-the-double-ender ladies!). The action is captured by cameraman Mat (we known when the shot is Mat's because it's viewfinder-framed and REC flashes red) until he and Omar can resist no longer: while Mat licks Cathy's pussy, Omar is already balls-deep in Elle. First class performances from the foursome with satisfying reverse cowgirls side by side on the brown leather sofa. The fucking continues in pretty much all positions including standing face to face, before partners are swapped and Cathy gets her arse fucked by both guys.

Omar is due to look at offices with Cathy. He has brought Tony James with him who becomes absolutely transfixed by Cathy's boobs. On the stairs of the building Cathy whips her boys out and buries Tony's face in them. Of course one thing leads to another and Cathy is taken upstairs to a bare room and fucked by both guys in turn on a chair (smashing it in the process) and then taking both guys together on a handy mattress on the floor. A real tour-de-force from Cathy as she's DP'd in cowgirl, taking Omar's full length up her bum and concluding with a double facial.

In the final scene Cathy is gossiping in the studio kitchen with her friend, porn newcomer Katie Raymond. Omar arrives for a date with Cathy but it's soon apparent that married Katie, who looks in her late twenties, is up for it too; so she's stripped to her hold ups revealing a superb tight body, modestly enhanced tits and nipples like thimbles. While Omar undresses, Cathy massages Katie's pussy in a satisfyingly squelchy way before Omar impales her on the work surface. Cathy doesn't miss out, taking Omar yet again on the floor before he fills Katie's mouth with cum. And the film ends.

So why, at the end of nearly 190 minutes of top quality fucking, do I feel disappointed? The cast, though small, is pure quality with Elle superb as always and new girl Katie (whose previously small boobs have been perfectly inflated only a size or two but have sent her inch long nipples into a state of permanent erection) causing a real stir. There's no doubt that Phil Barry makes exceedingly good porn. Technically they are very good with highly professional camerawork, sound, lighting and editing, but here, in some scenes, the lighting is poor. Post-production is good, the opening titles are excellent, but somehow the rest of the film doesn't quite match the promise - something apparent in some of the Cathy's Diaries series too.

Cathy and Omar are superb performers, watching them naked and pumping recalls the description in Eskimo Nell of the pistons on a steam locomotive. Maybe we get a little too much with Cathy (and now Omar) appearing in every scene as in Cathy's Diaries. Fine for fans but overkill for the general viewer. And while Cathy is a superb looking pornstar when she's naked and in congress with a cock, squeezed into a white top that is too small and flared black trousers is so unflattering that she looks every bit the fortysomething mum Saturday shopping (apologies to middle-aged mums). Perhaps the film's biggest problem is that it's not a feature at all, but just another series of scenes. The idea that Cathy is having an affair behind Phil's back (but in front of the camera's) is plausible enough, but just not developed. There's a photographer fucks model scene, a Cathy fucks Omar's mate scene and an Omar fucks Cathy's mate scene. We know Phil and Cathy can do narrative, watch Cathula as a fine example, so what happened to the script here? To quote my old geography teacher when I had just turned in a class-topping exam paper, could do better.

Towards the end of the extras, in which Omar and then Cathy describe their experiences making the film, Omar wistfully comments that he would like things to develop more with Cathy, giving the distinct impression he means a better film as much as more bonking. I'd happily watch more - given a much better plot and tighter direction. And, of course, it would have to feature best newcomer Katie Raymond.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view (April 2006):

This rambling 2½ hour film is the first collaboration between Cathy Barry and Omar. With a limited cast of only three girls - Cathy, Elle Brook and Katie Raymond (who only appears in the last 15 minutes of the film) - you have to come up with something special to hold the attention. Sadly The Affair fails.

After making several mistakes while trying to record a trailer on the streets of Bristol, Cathy spots Omar and sets off to meet him, leaving husband Phil with all his equipment and no one to film. Cathy takes Omar back to the studios to show him the facilities. The two look at a couple of sets, but Omar in more interested in looking at Cathy's tits. In a dimly-lit corner of the studio the two sandwich themselves under some stairs for some groping and fondling. In a series of poor long-distance shots, Omar sucks on Cathy's boobs. She falls to the floor and takes out his cock to suck. The pair then shag standing up, Omar entering from behind. Eventually the action moves to the well-lit centre of the studio where Cathy buries Omar's dick up to his balls as she rides him. Grimacing, Cathy takes Omar up the arse and with his whole length up her bum she sighs as she bonks. Rolling Cathy over, Omar finishes missionary, popping his load over Cathy's pussy. She rubs it in. Still stiff, Omar pushes his prick in Cathy's sticky pussy as the scene ends.

Omar is trying to train a new cameraman in the next scene starring Cathy and Elle Brook. The girls get going, Elle pulling Cathy's black lingerie to one side to get at her tits as her own yellow bra and knickers are eased to one side. Omar stops the action. He wants the girls to start again, this time slower. With wobbly camera work and poor angles the scene restarts, Cathy running her tongue down Elle's body, an annoying REC flashing in red on the screen as she laps at Elle's pussy. Elle pulls down Cathy's black knickers and her tongue flicks at her clit ring. The proceedings stop again as Omar shows what he wants the girls to do. Elle moves to sit on Cathy's face, still with the red REC flashing and the top of the screen occupied by a clock. Omar suggests the girls try a double ended dildo. He helps the toy into their pussies and the girls end on the floor grinding their cunts together as they share the toy. After nearly 40 minutes of purgatory the scene eventually ends, or so we think.

Omar has an idea and discusses with Cathy the possibility of girl/boy with Elle, suggesting they re-shoot part of the scene and he can join in. She goes along with his plan. More flashing on screen info and wobbly camerawork as the girls move back to sharing a dildo. Moving behind the pair, Omar gets out his tool. Eyes closed, Elle sucks on what she thinks is a toy, but it's Omar's dick. She demands he stops filming, but still wants to try his cock off camera. Omar persuades her the cameras are off and to prove it cameraman Mat starts to lick at Cathy's wet hole. Elle kneels on the floor playing with her clit as Omar eases in his man meat. Beside her Mat bangs away at Cathy's cunt. The boys sit on the sofa so the girls can ride them and Elle and Cathy bounce up and down in unison. Elle spins round to suck on Cathy's joggling boobs. Omar then lifts her, his prick still in her pussy, and places her down to be fucked missionary. Elle sits it out, wanking as Cathy rocks back on Omar's willy, Mat's dick in her mouth. Stretching her arse she then lets the boys bonk her bum. Elle rejoins the action as Cathy takes Mat's load in her mouth. They give each other a spunky kiss. Omar then fires over their faces.

Sitting outside a coffee shop, Omar tells Tony James there is someone he has to meet. He acts like a kid in a candy shop when Cathy turns up. The three head off to look at a new office. The door hasn't even closed before Tony starts to paw at Cathy's boobs in a dimly lit hall. She lifts them out to let the pair play with them. Omar is more interested in what's between Cathy's legs and pulls down her tight black pants to lap at her pussy. Their cocks out, Cathy wanks the boys. At the top of the stairs the lads ask if they can have a blow job, Cathy takes their dicks in her mouth and sucks. Eventually they reach the new office which is totally bare apart from an old wooden chair and a mattress propped against the wall. Cathy sits with her legs open to be fucked by Omar as she sucks on Tony. Swapping places, Tony sits with Cathy banging down on his man hood reverse cowgirl. The action is so hard the leg falls off the chair and the two topple backwards. Dropping the mattress to the floor is a safer bet. Cathy gets spit roasted, her dangling boobs swaying violently. She then asks to be taken by both at the same time and, with Tony in her pussy, Omar squeezes his cock into her arse. The scene ends with both boys covering her face with cream.

The final short scene is probably the best in the film and stars new girl Katie Raymond. Standing in the kitchen in her black floral dress she talks to Cathy as she sips on her coffee. Omar enters and admires her breasts. She drops her top. Omar can't believe the length of her long nipples and starts to suck. Not wanting to feel left out, Cathy gets out her own tits and starts to lick. Dropping her black knickers, Katie shows Omar her pussy lips. He takes them in his mouth and by the time he has finished they are huge. Undoing his pants, Cathy sucks at Omar's dick as his fingers squelch in her moist pussy. He then guides his whole length into her love box. Katie is keen to try Omar's shaft and bends over to be taken from behind. A little more action with Cathy and he squirts his jizz over the girls' faces.

This film is difficult going. Normally Pumpkin's work is cleanly and crisply shot, but not in this case. Scenes are dark, shaky, sometimes out of focus and badly edited together, giving the appearance of an amateur on his first outing. The only good thing to come out of the film is Katie - let's hope we see more of her in a better-produced film. Even ardent Cathy fans will find this hard to watch.

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