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Notes: Hollywood Fuck Factory compilation, includes virtually the whole of Wildlife's Anal Contest 2002
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Running time: 177 mins.

Assho's is a bit of a strange compilation. The film starts with four mediocre short scenes shot who knows when, featuring mostly unknown and easily forgettable American girls. The last 1¾ hours is virtually the whole of Wildlife Productions 'Anal Contest 2002' with Ashley, Flick (Rebecca Lee) and Simone-Claire appearing.

The final scene is set in a club where five eager contestants including Flick and Ashley each get five minutes solo and 15 minutes with a guy to impress a panel of judges (and the audience) with their anal abilities. The show is compèred by Ron Jeremy assisted by Simone-Claire in her short black dress and red boots. Her main role is to flash and masturbate for the masses between competitors. After two American girls have had their arses stretched, it's the turn of the first Brit - Flick Shagwell aided by Nico Night. The judges get ready to mark as Flick pulls down her blue bikini bottoms. The audience applauds as she slips a brown dildo deep in her arse and fills her face with Nico's cock. Trying for extra marks, Flick starts to give the judges a blow job as Nico fingers her arse. Simone-Claire, standing at the side of the stage, pops Ron's cock in her mouth as he commentates. A little missionary work in the bum with Flick pulling at her pussy leaves her lips swollen. She turns to ride reverse, DPing her pussy with a toy. With Nico about to cum, Flick spins round to catch his cream in her mouth.

While the next girl is on stage, Simone-Claire wanders round the auditorium sucking and fucking the crowd.

Ashley Long is the last girl on stage and is out to impress in her skimpy pink bikini. Lubing her arse, she sticks a dildo to the judges table and slides her bum down it. The floor goes wild when she stuffs a second toy in her pussy and walks to the other side of the stage to suck off the stud. Simone-Claire wants some action and Ashley is only too pleased to lick her pussy. The rest of the girls rush onto the stage but are cleared away. Ashley goes on all fours to be taken in the arse. Seeing what the other girls have done, she adds a dildo, then a second and a third to her bum. The crowd go silent as she is pile driven while stuffing fingers into her already full arse. They let out a roar as Ashley's face is showered in cream. With her fingers in her arse she leaves.

This film doesn't really pick up until the second half, and even with the likes of Ashley, Simone-Claire and Flick it's not fantastic. Had you wanted to watch 'Wildlife's Anal Competition 2002' the film is probably a good buy, most of the film is here and you get the first four scenes as a bonus. For the general viewer all three British girls have done much better work in their time in the States.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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