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Released: 2006
Director: Neville
Notes: Film Erotica
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Running time: 132 mins.

Pascal White plays Alex, the eponymous artist, who is pursued (according to the cover) by beautiful hot and horny women. The first - and they don't come much hotter or hornier - is Angel-Long. Angel is looking for Alex when she is intercepted by Mark (Sloan) and taken back to the studio. No sooner have the pair started to get to know each other on the sofa when another artist, Lee Henshaw, turns up with a picture and both guys fuck Angel on the sofa. All three are naked for most of the action, where Angel is fucked in all positions including missionary and reverse cowgirl anal from Lee. The scene finishes with just one fine facial from Lee.

The next scene starts with Angel dozing in bed in a classy flat. In the next room Pascal is undressing Tammie Lee on the sofa. This is intercut with Angel pleasuring herself with dildos. Just as Pascal starts to fuck Tammie, stripped to her black boots, in missionary, Angel joins them to supervise the action. Sex in several positions follows including anal in spoons, doggy and reverse cowgirl, while Angel contents herself with a vibrator until Pascal cums over Tammie's face.

Lee has taken another piece of artwork to show businesswoman Roxy Rare (black suit & stockings, white shirt) at her studio office. But no sooner has Roxy made the coffee the pair are at it on her very large office table. Lots of kissing and frenzied foreplay as the pair undress completely then fuck on the table in doggie, missionary and reverse cowgirl; then Lee sticks his cock in Roxy's bum and they repeat all the positions until Lee shoots his load deep up Roxy's arse in doggy.

While Pascal (Alex) does the washing up, Angel is larking about with Claudia and Alex's paints. Quickly out of their undies they daub each other with colour and end up covered in paint and rolling around on the floor where a blue dildo appears. Quite hot girl-girl action continues into the bathroom where the girls clean each other up.

Suddenly both girls are naked on a bed with Lee Henshaw and Lee's cock is already buried in Claudia. Lee then turns his attention to Angel for a while, returning to Claudia to fuck her deeply up the arse in doggy. The scene ends with a joint facial.

Finally, Pascal has Evie and Keira round to his studio for a photo shoot. Pascal shoots the girls as they undress on the sofa. Just when they're fully naked Steve Hooper (as Bailey) arrives, so Pascal puts down his camera and a foursome follows on the sofa. Synchronised fucking in most positions and partners are swapped, then Pascal fucks Keira up the arse in reverse cowgirl and Steve abandons Evie's pussy for Kiera's to complete the DP. Finally Pascal fucks Evie in reverse cowgirl for a creampie finish while Steve delivers a fine load over Kiera's face.

This is a fine film. The action is well shot, well performed, dirty and arousing. Director Neville displays huge ambition in trying to tell a story, but is let down by some shocking editing. I'm not sure whether he forgot to shoot the linking bits or they've just ended in the cutting room as when Mark and Angel move from street to sofa action with no explanation or Claudia and Angel, happily soaping each other in the bath, cut to full on fucking with Lee. That said, this is still a very good film, shot in fashionable widescreen, nicely put together (although I would have preferred more editing points) and good value at over 2 hours long. One for the collection.

And don't be put off by the cover. In keeping with Neville's artistic aspirations the front cover shows no naked flesh, just an empty gilt frame on black. Even on the web people do judge books by their covers so I hope this doesn't damage sales too much.

Review by Bayleaf
March 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

The third release from Film Erotica could in some ways be considered their first film as according to the production date given in the title The Artist was shot in 2004. The film stars Angel-Long, with a strong supporting cast including Keira and Roxy Rare, in six loosely connected scenes based around the art world.

Arriving home, Angel finds Pascal has attached a note on the gate so sets off in search of him, and on the way she meets Mark Slone. The pair head off to the studio. Removing her white cropped top, Mark starts to play with Angel's tits. When Lee turns up with a painting, she is only too happy for him to join in the fun. The boys lift Angel's tartan mini skirt and their hands run over her white lace knickers as they chew on her nipples. Angel fills her mouth with Mark's dick as Lee laps between her legs. Pulling her panties to one side he tongues her arse then slips two fingers in. Grabbing the boys, Angel swallows their cocks and fondles with their balls. Mounting Lee, Angel's neatly trimmed pussy slides up and down his shaft as she sucks at Mark. She bends over the end of the sofa to be fucked from behind. Angel lies on her back and the boys swap back and forth as she is filled missionary. The scene ends with a reverse anal ride for Angel and with Lee showering his load over her face.

In her luxury hotel suite, Angel lies in the bed, her hand down her black knickers. Next door, Pascal strips Tammie Lee out of her smart black dress to play with her tits. Pulling her panties down, Angel prods her pussy with a silver vibrator. Tammie tongues Pascal's prick as her white lace knickers fall to the floor. Turning, she gets her arse licked. Angel eases a row of beads into her arse and toys with a dildo before covering herself with a sheet. A few moments later she investigates what's happening outside the bedroom. Pascal is munching on Tammie's minge and Angel joins in the action. The girls 69 as Pascal fucks Tammie's fanny. The trio reposition, Tammie riding Pascal's shaft as Angel sits on his face. Both girls go down on all fours to be taken from behind. Angel stands with a dildo between her legs as she watches Tammie being taken up the arse. The girls kneel to have their faces covered in cum.

Lee has turned up at art school with a canvas for Roxy Rare to view. Taking off her jacket, she sits on the edge of the table. Her skirt rides up, flashing her stocking tops. She unbuttons her white blouse and Lee unclips her black bra then sinks between her legs and starts to lick. Roxy seizes hold of his shaft and starts to wank as she is finger fucked. Before long her lips are wrapped around his man meat. Lee gently eases his cock into her cunt from behind and Roxy falls flat to the table. Turning over, Roxy rests her feet on Lee's shoulders. He sucks her toes as he fucks her missionary. Getting Lee to lie, Roxy slips his dick into her arse as she rides him reverse. The two roll over, ending doggy. Lee's balls twitch as he fires his load in Roxy's arse. His cream runs out and drips off her pussy.

Angel and Claudia are playing around with paint, dressed only in their panties. The inevitable happens - the girls use their brushes on each other. Knickers off and coated with colours of every hue, the two roll around on a canvas. Artwork finished, the plastic floor cover rustles as the two 69, Angel smearing red paint over Claudia's pussy with her tongue. Angel forces her fanny against Claudia's face, then, grabbing a double ended dildo in both hands, pushes it into her pussy. The girls head to a steamy bath to clean up and the action is as hot as the water. Sponging each other down they are soon fondling and licking, making Angel shudder with pleasure.

The action suddenly jumps - Lee is having his cock sucked by Claudia. He turns to hammer away at Angel beside him on the bed. Pulling her legs right back, Lee bangs his cock into Angel's bum. Her arse gaping, she rides him reverse. Claudia wants some of what Angel has just had and, bending, she is taken up the back passage, Lee's dick sliding all the way home. Pulling out, he showers the girls' faces in cream.

Pascal is taking pictures of Keira when Evie turns up. He thinks it would be a good idea if both girls appeared in the shoot. Evie strips to her dark red lingerie and joins Keira on the couch. The girls pose for Pascal then start to kiss. Getting carried away they strip and start to eat pussy when Steve Hooper arrives. Pascal takes over the licking duties on Keira while Steve finger fucks Evie. The boys swap places. Steve flicks his tongue over Keira's arse and she turns to wrap her tongue around his shaft and bite at his balls. Evie's blonde hair falls over her face as her head bobs on Pascal's cock. The girls kneel to be taken doggy then, like two well-trained synchronised swimmers, they turn together to be fucked reverse cowgirl. They bounce in unison. With Pascal's cock embedded in her arse, Keira invites Steve to fill her pussy. The four move again, Evie ending with Pascal's prick up her bum. He pulls out to shower her pussy in spunk. Steve squirts his load over Keira's extended tongue.

With Angel and Keira appearing in a film, you are almost guaranteed hot hard action and that's what they give. It's therefore a bit of a pity that the rest of The Artist didn't do them full justice. The scenes, though good, didn't seem to hang together properly, with the story missed out and bits chopped off. As I said at the top, The Artist is probably director Neville's first, not his third, film and after the other two is a tad disappointing, but still worth a watch.

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