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Released: 2006
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Adult Channel XXX / Hot Rod / Pumpkin (from the Adult Channel series)
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Running time: 94 mins.

Originally shot in 2004 for the Adult Channel, five scenes from Anal Debutants (sic) have been restored to their 'Not as seen on TV' R18 state and released on this DVD.

Dressed as a nurse, Tori sits on a hospital bed beside Fraser. He unzips her uniform and his hand eases her tits out of her black bra. He gently kisses them. Kneeling, Fraser unleashes his cock and Tori bends to lick it. Rolling Tori over, Fraser laps at the damp patch in her black knickers. She moans as his tongue, then his fingers, enter her shaved snatch. Panties pulled to one side, Tori slides herself down Fraser's prick, her long hair flopping over her face as she rides. The bed rocks and shakes as the two bonk. Removing her knickers, Tori lies on her side stretching her bum ready for Fraser's cock. A little struggle and he suggests doggy may be better. With a deep intake of breath it's in. Tori's tits brush against the bed and her feet cross and uncross as her arse is fed cock. Pulling out, Fraser covers her face in cream.

Blonde Eve is on the Pumpkin sofa in her red negligee and stockings, Paul by her side. They kiss and he drops to the floor and starts to lick her pussy. Eve holds his head as he tastes her moist hole. Pulling down Paul's pants, she is faced with a limp dick. Working hard and long with her hands and lips, she gets the semi-stiffie ready for action. As she lies on her side Paul jabs his cock between her legs, sometimes penetrating her pussy, sometimes catching her clit. Eve eventually guides the cock into her arse as she rubs herself. With her pussy juices flowing she rides reverse cowgirl then tries missionary, her helping hands getting the dick into her bum. A few strokes and Paul cums over her tits.

Next girl is Marissa. The set is the same as for Eve but she appears with Fraser. He undoes her red blouse and sucks at her pert erect nipples as his hand wanders up her denim skirt. Parting Marissa's pussy, he laps at her lips. Her thighs quiver as two fingers are inserted. Marissa pulls at the bulge in Fraser's pants to reveal his cock. She fills her mouth as her head gently bobs. Easing his dick past her panties, Marissa rides Fraser. She stops to remove her knickers and then climbs back aboard, letting him lick her tits. With her pussy covered in juice she is ready for the moment of truth. Lying on her side, she moans open mouthed as her bum is slowly entered. After the initial surprise she lifts a leg high and plays with her clit as Fraser pumps her arse. When he is ready to cum she crouches to catch his spunk on her face.

Lydia (Avalon) is doing a private pole dance for Andy. As she gyrates she drops her leopard-print bikini top to let him lick her breasts. His fingers work their way into her damp pussy. Lydia pushes him back against the bar, her tongue working its way down her body till it reaches his dick. Her hand wrapped round the shaft she wanks it into her mouth. The couple move to a large Chesterfield chair, Lydia sliding the cock into her pussy then turning to be taken from behind. Back on the stage, Lydia lies with one leg raised giving Andy full access to her cunt. She is on all fours as he eases his cock into her tight wet arse and she rocks back on his dick. The scene ends with Lydia getting a facial.

The final girl is Brandy Kiss. In her black dress she sits and kisses Jeff. Before long his wandering hands have found her tits and pussy and he goes down between her legs to feast on her fanny getting Brandy's fluids flowing. Yanking down his pants, she slaps her face with his prick then pushes it deep down her throat. Filling her mouth with Jeff's balls has got Brandy hot and ready to fuck. Out of her dress, she locks her legs round Jeff's waist as she is taken missionary. He pushes her back and uses his full length in her pussy. Bending forward, Brandy's face twists and her eyes roll as her bum is penetrated. Crying and groaning she persists with the bum bonking until Jeff can hold back no more. He fires over her face. Brandy's verdict ... never again.

Cleanly and professionally shot, most of the scenes were well done. On the down side Brandy didn't appear to be enjoying herself at all and though Eve put in a good performance she was hampered by Paul's inability. A watchable but not outstanding film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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