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Released: 2005
Director: Garry Gazzman as Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
Alternate Titles
  • Fuck Me: Ariana Jollee
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 133 mins.

In this title, shot on location in Spain, Gazzman has carefully crafted five completely different styles of scene to give a beautifully balanced film which should appeal to everyone. Ariana Jollee, the star of the movie, stands in a barren windswept setting to link and introduce the scenes. She also appears in two of them. As well as the British duo of McKenzie Lee and Renee Richards, there is a truly international cast with Claudia Rossi, Libellule, Jada Fires and Jasmin Byrne.

The film starts with Renee Richards in a semi-derelict building in her futuristic fetish gear - black leather knickers, stainless steel bra and matching choker. She sucks at a guy's cock as he drips wax from a candle over her tits. The wax forms ribbons down her body. As she bends over, the wax runs over Renee's bum and flies off in shards as she is spanked. Grabbing his dick, she slaps and dribbles wax onto the shaft. This peels off as she takes it in her mouth. She drags the guy by the balls and the pair enter an underground room. There Libellule is being fucked in a sling and Renee pushes a second cock into her mouth. Squatting, Renee pulls open Libellule's arse ready to take cock. She laps at the shaft as it slides in and out, then deep throats to taste the juices. Libellule hangs from the chains to ride the guy reverse and Renee laps at his balls as he shags. He fires his load into Libellule's pussy and Renee opens her mouth to catch the drops as they fall from his nut sack. The second guy cums over her face and the cum plops onto her tits.

McKenzie appears in the final scene, leaning against a bar with her tits out. The camera pulls back to show Ariana crouched between her legs working a large black toy into McKenzie's pussy. The fluids start flowing as Ariana hammers her fingers into McKenzie's juicy box. She bends, lapping at the moist pussy lips. Standing on one leg, McKenzie guides a cock into her cunt and Ariana's tongue flicks at the pair. Dropping to her knees, McKenzie slips the cock past her tonsils. Mascara and saliva stream down her face. Ariana finds a dick to devour. McKenzie's body glistens as she is fucked against the bar. Ariana climbs onto the counter filling her arse with fingers before filling her pussy with man meat. McKenzie joins her to ride the guy. After she has been spit roasted over a bar stool, the group move to the pool table, Ariana bouncing on cock as McKenzie is taken doggy. The girls want to try two dicks. Ariana has first shot, filling both holes before pushing two into her fanny; McKenzie writhes round as she's DP'd. The scene ends with the girls lying beside each other on the pool table being bonked up the bum. The guys pull out to spray their pussies with jizz.

With six great girls in five hot and erotic scenes, this film oozes quality from beginning to end. The settings were imaginative and brilliantly lit and shot, especially the night scene with Ariana, showing that Gazzman is a master at his trade. The only very minor "blemish" in the film is Claudia Rossi's knees, which look badly bruised ... but that is real nit-picking. I would recommend this film to anyone, as it shows how good porn films can be.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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