< The Adventures of Dirty Dog: Volume 5: MILF Hunting R18 DVD available

Released: 2006
Director: Ian Tate
Notes: Paul Raymond Publications & VivThomas.com
Notes and Reviews

So here's the pitch: Ian 'Dirty Dog' Tate is on the lookout for older women to fuck, which is why there is a very brief exterior shot before each scene. But either because of budget or inclination, the women don't appear but the location is referred to later as a piece of complete irrelevance, then referred to no more. Anyway, if you have a penchant for older women and Ian wielding the cock, then what more do you want than the business. Although this series comes from the Viv Thomas production company, there is none of their trademark glamour. The technical skills are still apparent in the clean and well lit camerawork and decent editing however. And Ian knows we know that the room is full of technicians while he fucks, so there's a frequent camera lens or trousered leg drifting into shot.

In the first scene, Ian has already started on a bed with Spanish girl Ola (can she really be called hello?) when the cameras arrive. Tall, slim and with natural tits that score 11 out of 10, Ola is one of the sexiest women I've seen on film recently, which makes this scene very hot indeed. Naked, apart from black heels, Ola is fucked in all positions, ending with a big facial.

Allegedly picked up at the supermarket, Rebecca is in chav mode, with short skirt, white top with bra straps showing and white trainers. The hair is short and bleached with the roots showing. She attacks Ian's cock with her mouth with intent to do damage. After the oral, Rebecca has her top and skirt round her waist and Ian fuck her hard and noisily in doggy on the sofa. Reverse cowgirl is followed by a return to doggy, but this time Ian's cock finds Rebecca's arse. More anal in cowgirl and atm before Ian comes over Rebecca's tits.

Ian brings home Louise, the fruits of his search at the local gym, where she quickly releases his cock from his jeans. The pair strip completely during prolonged oral sex on the bed, including 69. Ian's very physical fucking starts in doggy and continues through the positions, much to Louise's giggling delight. Scene ends after a superb missionary, with Louise's legs splayed when Ian shoots over her belly. Louise hasn't done a lot of hardcore, and even less without her partner. This is the best I've seen.

Wendy and Mark Sloan for the fourth scene. Ian is filming Mark and Wendy (naked except for a red bra) fucking on a large pouffe in the lounge. Now naked and noisily bouncing on Mark's cock, Wendy takes Ian's cock in her mouth, so Ian undresses, hands the camera over and joins in. The knee-level pouffe provides the ideal place for some exhibition fucking - end to end stuff, deep and double-penetrating. Moving to the sofa, Wendy takes the boys together again in reverse cowgirl before Ian comes over her belly and Mark in her mouth.

Another high street pick-up, Iyesha poses on the bed in basque and black stockings then sucks Ian's cock before he stops filming and joins her. Starting, predictably, with doggy, the pair move through all the positions with Ian thoughtfully slipping a pillow under Iyesha's hips while fucking her missionary. Excellent cowgirls and good facial to finish.

Little Louiza comes back to the flat with Ian, then sits on a sofa and flashes for him. Stripping to her black bra, pants and hold-ups, she uses a small pink vibrator in her pussy and arse while Ian watches. Now suitably warmed-up, Louiza attacks Ian's cock and, removing her underwear, gets deeply fucked in standing doggy and all the other positions on the lounge furniture. Ends with a good facial.

Ian is one of our best gonzo performers, so with everybody relaxed and having a good time, often laughing and giggling, you can't help but enjoy these scenes. And with four models who have done relatively few boy-girl scenes in the UK, this is a must have DVD for serious lovers of Britporn.

Review by Bayleaf
September 2007

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