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Released: 2006
Director: John Mason (as Johnny Rebel) and Tony Goodfellow
Notes: Rude Britannia / Whitecliffs Productions
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 120 mins.

This film is aimed at those who like their women with big natural breasts and, with the exception of Alexis, girls who are 'more amply' proportioned. The four 30-minute scenes are all shot in slightly darkened but familiar-looking bedrooms with Vinnie as the stud in each.

First up is Leah. Removing her black bra and denim skirt, she leans forward on the bed to bring life to Vinnie's tool with her mouth. Stiffened up and ready for action, Vinnie buries his head between Leah's boobs, makes his way down her body and the two end up 69ing. On all fours, Leah's buttocks ripple with each thrust of Vinnie's cock in her pussy. She turns and wraps her tits around his shaft. Bent over again her boobs dangle, brushing against the bedclothes as she is shagged. Rolling over, Leah's tits flop to either side of her body as she is fucked missionary. Tangled in the bedding she is taken spoons before riding Vinnie. Finally he pops his load over Leah's mammoth breasts.

Dark-haired Marie-Louise, with her heavily laden breasts and heavily pierced ears, is next on the bed. Crouching, she fills her mouth with Vinnie's dick and her boobs rest on his thighs as her hand jerks his shaft. She rubs her tits over his body and down over his cock. The pair 69, Vinnie's face pressed against her bum while she pokes her tonsils with his manhood. The couple bonk spoons. Marie-Louise pushes herself up onto her hands and knees, her pendulous boobs swinging as flesh slaps against flesh. Vinnie places his knob in her cavernous cleavage and her tongue dances over the head. He slides down her body to fuck her missionary. Otherwise motionless, Marie-Louise bounces up and down as if on a human trampoline, her gigantic mounds wobbling. Jumping off, she takes Vinnie's cock in her mouth and wanks him till he cums. Spunk dribbles over her fingers.

Alexis is helped out of the white-and-pink-striped top revealing a white lace bra. Vinnie pulls the straps off her shoulders as she unzips her short skirt. He sucks at her tits and is pushed back on the bed. Alexis plays with and licks his cock before taking it down her throat. Positioning herself above his shaft, she slowly sinks down, her body gyrating to take his length in her pussy. Climbing off, she sucks her nipples as Vinnie finger fucks her. Alexis wriggles as a wet digit enters her arse. Mounting Vinnie again her boobs dangle in front of his face. She rolls onto her side to be taken spoons. Her first attempt to take cock up her arse fails, but leaning forward she takes it on the second try. Vinnie pulls at her pony tail as he bangs her bum. The scene ends with Alexis taking cream over her tits and rubbing it in.

The last girl in the film is Lucy. In a white halter-neck top she sits on a hotel bed with Vinnie. He undoes the straps and lets it fall form her tits. Leaning forward he chews on her nipples then heads down for a little minge munching. Lucy manoeuvres herself to take his cock in her mouth and her tongue flicks its way along the shaft. She starts to ride cowgirl and falls forward, squashing Vinnie under her boobs. Lying on her side, Lucy looks uninterested as Vinnie tries to take her spoons. The pair work their way through another couple of positions before Lucy gets her tits covered in jizz.

Admittedly you get plenty of flesh for your pound, but unfortunately this film lacks any form of sparkle, interplay or reaction between the girls and Vinnie, who for most of the film appears very inanimate. Alexis looks as if she is trying to produce something from her performance, but Leah, Marie-Louise and Lucy are just going through the mechanics, making the action drag. This is a film where a little editorial trimming wouldn't come amiss. Passable if only for Alexis's scene.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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