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Released: 2004
Director: Antonio Adamo
Notes: Private
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Running time: 102 mins.

Aspiring journalist Steve Hooper wants to write an article for his magazine about sex in a new city and how this affects people. Unsure exactly where to start, he invites red-haired Donna to his flat to help with research. As the drinks flow, Steve's ideas and kind words to Donna all go unheeded. All she wants to know is the size of his cock. Plunging her hand into his pants, Donna wants to know just what he needs. Her boobs out of her tight silver dress would be a good start. Licking and sucking her erect nipples, she slips blue painted finger nails into her panties. Sliding down Steve's shaft, Donna rubs at her clit. The pair fall onto their sides, Steve squeezing Donna's boobs as they screw. Donna wants more and eases Steve into her arse. Falling to the floor she's taken up the bum, doggy. Mouth wide open, Donna catches Steve's cum. It turns out she is just the person he needs to help with the article.

The pair head out into the city looking for action. Behind a red door is a club that could be of interest. Bobbi Eden approaches them. Steve starts to gather background information for his work by licking her pussy. Donna lies back on a silver chair and lets Ramingo finger and lap between her legs. Pulling out his prick, Donna starts to wank. Ramingo's length disappears down her throat. Beside her on the sofa, Bobbi is doing the same with Steve. Some guys at the bar watch as Donna lowers herself onto Ramingo's shaft, falling forward on to her hands and knees. While Bobbi is busy shagging Steve spoons, Donna slips Ramingo's dick into her arse. Donna moves to sit on Steve's shaft. Bobbi gives the nod and Ramingo enters her arse. Seeing the sexy red head being DP'd is enough for Bobbi. The two can join the club. To celebrate their membership Donna gets covered in jizz.

Invited back, Steve watches as a leather clad Ellen goes through the club initiation ceremony with a couple of guys.

Donna and Bobbi meet up to see if their friend Sara Palmer has what it takes to tackle two cocks. The two have all they need for the article.

Back at his flat, and with everything written up, Steve goes to bed with his girlfriend, Daniella. As they bang away, his mind flashes back to Donna and the club. Perhaps it has changed him.

Nicely shot and well performed, All Sex has everything you would expect from an Antonio Adamo production. Bobbi Eden is voluptuous and steaming and a red-haired, pre-boob job Donna is hot and dirty. All Sex is a good example of a European plot-based movie.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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