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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 134 mins.

With a cast of ten of the naughtiest girls around, 'All Girl Annihilation' is DiSanto's exploration into the world of dominant lesbianism. A strict Lolly Badcock relishes her role when it comes to punishing pussies, with Lala, Sabrina and Elizabeth all giving in to her wanton ways. Jemstone also discovers Natalie is not the gentle blonde we are lead to believe, as her fanny gets filled.

Natalie peddles away on an exercise bike with a difference: this one is fitted with dildos. Jemstone stands behind her and tugs at her tits as she cycles. The girls both lean forward to suck on the plastic pricks. Prising open Jemstone's pussy, Natalie fingers and tongues her before screwing in a big black dildo. Lifting her pink mesh top, Jemstone squeezes and laps at her boobs. Relaxing back, her fanny engulfs Natalie's hand, she jabs at her wet hole. The two move. Natalie lies on the stairs letting Jemstone poke and munch her minge. A bottle of lube is emptied between Jemstone's legs. The white cream plops out as the big black toy is forced in. Jemstone cries out when Natalie hammers home the hard pink plastic dick. A good squirt of lube, and the two rub their bodies together.

Lala and Lolly dance together in their mini skirts and tight tops. Their hands explore each other's bodies. They fall to the floor fondling. Drawing on a cigarette, Lolly blows smoke over Lala's boobs and bites at her nipples. She moves downwards, ripping open Lala's fishnets and pawing at her red panties. Her tights in tatters, Lala lies back allowing Lolly to slap between her legs and puff smoke into her fanny. Taken to the table, Lala licks at Lolly's nylon clad bum. She buries her face in the crotch of her tights. Covering her tongue in creamy white lube, Lolly teases Lala's tits. More cream is spread. Lala's pussy is eased open in readiness for the corkscrew toy. Her lips stretch as it's worked in and out. Holding the huge dong on the floor, she squats on it. Lolly pulls on her strap-on for some deep throat action. Squeezing the balls, the plastic prick erupts over Lala's face.

In their plaid skirts, Lexi and Kimberly sit on the floor groping at each other's pert boobs. They suck and bite at nipples till they are hard and erect. Yanking down Kimberly's bright red knickers, Lexi rams a big black rod into her pussy. A good coating of lube helps the bulbous end past her tight lips. Holding a dildo against her own pussy, Lexi gets Kimberly lapping between her legs. Kimberly stays down on all fours as she's taken from behind by Lexi's strap-on. The black corkscrew is next for her cunt. Lexi presses her pussy against Kimberly's face as she empties a bottle of lube into her gaping hole. It oozes and trickles over her bum. Sucking on a pink phallus, Lexi fills both ends of Kimberly with white cream.

Sabrina dances for Lolly in her black PVC lingerie and patterned tights. Sucking deeply on a cigarette, she blows smoke towards Sabrina as her hands run over her body. Loosening Lolly's basque, Sabrina nibbles at her tits. The two fall back, Lolly riving at Sabrina's tights to take mouthfuls of her shaven snatch. With a tongue worked deep into her moist pussy, Sabrina pulls her legs wide open to take Lolly's four fingers. Moaning, she spins round to ravish Lolly's swollen lips. Getting Sabrina to gag on a long black rod, Lolly uses the wet toy on her own pussy, then slips it past her tonsils. Pulling on a transparent strap-on, Lolly slaps it against Sabrina's face and gets her to ride it - cowgirl first, then reverse. Having shagged Sabrina doggy, she makes her eyes water as the dick is pushed down her throat. Lolly finishes with the squirting prick, covering Sabrina's face in white goo, then licking it off.

Chelsea and Lolita find themselves together in a hotel room, dressed only in their bras and panties. A pile of sex toys adorn the bedside cabinet. Picking up a paddle, Chelsea sets about spanking Lolita's bum. Removing her bra, she taps at her tits. Chelsea next tries a crop, thwacking it into her arse cheeks and dragging it over her pussy. Knickers off, Lolita takes a finger or two into her tight fanny. A bottle of lube is massaged into Lolita's body as a prelude to taking a blue double ended dong. Coating the free end, Chelsea joins her on the toy. Each girl grabs a vibrator to tease their clits. Lolita goes down to lap at Chelsea's pussy and fill her up with buzzing plastic. The two 69 and squeeze the contents of the plastic prick into Lolita's pussy.

Lolly, in long black gloves and knee length boots, makes her final appearance with Elizabeth. Licking her lips, she caresses Elizabeth's body as she dances in her pirate motif bikini. Tugging at Elizabeth's hair, Lolly crams her fingers into her mouth. Her bra off, she bites at her boobs and smacks her arse. Elizabeth stretches open her legs, letting in Lolly's gloved hand. Lolly wants to see how much more she can take. Three vibrators are jammed into her pussy. Moving to the stairs, Elizabeth's head is held against a false black cock attached to one of the steps. She sucks as she is taken from behind by Lolly's strap-on. A little reverse cowgirl action before Lolly finds her tool box and embeds a rubber hammer between Elizabeth's legs. The scene ends with the infamous corkscrew and Elizabeth covered in lube.

This film is full of high energy sex, especially from Lolly, with action just about as hard as you can get. The scenes where Lexi and Chelsea were in control were slightly gentler, but still full of dominatrix fun. As you've probably guessed, All Girl Annihilation is not the type of film to snuggle up with a glass of wine to watch, but when you're in the mood for some full on, girl/girl pussy pounding, it's among the hottest you can get.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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