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Released: 2006
Director: Quango Posh
Notes: Adult Channel / Hot Rod
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Running time: 118 mins.

The Adult Channel have pulled together a selection of six scenes featuring some well-known and some not-so-well known faces for this film shot during the last couple of years. Though the title gives a clue to the content, the film is a lot more than just bum banging.

Well proportioned blonde Nikita Divine is in the kitchen in her black teddy and white frilly ankle sock, complaining to decorator Stefan about the state of his work. He's going to have to make up for his slipshod painting in some way. Jumping onto the work bench, Nikita opens her legs, Stefan can start by sucking her juicy pussy lips. Then he lowers his pants and Nikita gives his cock a quick lick before wrapping it in her ample breasts. She climbs his ladder, stopping when her bum is level with his face and gets Stefan to tongue her arse. Stepping down, Nikita slips his dick deep in her pussy and her tits jiggle as she bangs her pierced clit against his balls. Back on the bench, Stefan enters Nikita's arse. She fondles her boobs and pulls at her lips as they bonk. Stefan screws his face as he cums over Nikita's bum and she reaches down and scrapes up the spunk.

Tiffany has turned up for a photo shoot. In her black fishnet dress she bends over a blue inflatable chair, a pink rabbit jammed in her pussy. The photographer adjusts the angle of the toy, waggling it about between her legs and sliding it deep into her pussy. Tiffany turns to give him a kiss. Unbuttoning his pants she takes the tip of his cock in her mouth. Her head bobs as she moves her way down the shaft. Pushing the guy into the chair, Tiffany crouches between his legs and licks. The two swap places, her pussy being teased open with his fingers and tongue. The chair wallows and rolls as the guy penetrates her pussy. He holds Tiffany's spiked heels away from the plastic as the pair bounce. A little reverse riding follows and the two fall to the floor. Kneeling on a dark silk sheet, she is taken up the bum from behind. The two turn onto their sides to continue spoons. More anal action, this time reverse cowgirl, and the guy squirts his spunk over Tiffany's bum.

McKenzie enters an old fashioned looking drawing room, a big box in hand for her boyfriend's birthday. She sits beside him in her black slashed top, stockings and suspenders as he opens the present. Pulling down her black knickers she has something else to give. His fingers stroke her almost bald snatch as he sucks at her tits. Slowly moving down her body, the guy's tongue reaches her clit. It flicks over it as a finger is pushed into her arse. Stripped, McKenzie moves for the boy's cock and holds it between her lips, then swallows. She opens her legs and juices ooze out of her pussy. A squeeze of lube and he's deep in her arse. Sitting the guy down, McKenzie ends on his lap, his dick embedded in her bum. She bends forward, ending on all fours to be fucked doggy as lube drips off her pussy lips. The boyfriend pulls out just before firing, coating McKenzie's bum in cream.

In a white top and lemon skirt, Karla watches the gardener as she washes the dishes. She then goes out to see how things are getting on and the pair kiss and head off behind the potting shed. Her tits out and cock in hand, Karla goes down, wrapping her mouth around the gardener's tool..Her cheeks bulge as she dibbles with his prick. Pulling her knickers to one side, Karla wipes her fanny over his face. Specks of glitter in her body make-up glisten under the sunlight. The two head indoors. Stripped, Karla sits, a leg over each arm of the chair and her pussy wide open ready for stuffing. The guy hammers in hard. The pair move to the fireside rug where, on her hands and knees, Karla's back passage is entered. Lying side by side the bum bonking continues, with Karla riving at her pussy. Pushing her boobs together the gardener cums into Karla's cleavage.

Tony is under his Union Jack bedspread, dreaming of Suzie Best. He tugs at his todger as he pictures her naked body covered in flowers. Sexily clad Suzie enters Tony's room. Climbing onto his bed, she takes his cock in her mouth. She turns so he can taste her pussy. His tongue plays with her pierced clit while the pair 69 and she sensuously wanks his shaft. Slipping off her top, Suzie plunges Tony's prick into her pussy. He grabs at her tits as she grinds against his balls. Her white skirt and black knickers gone, she is taken from behind as the curtains waft in the breeze. Suzie lies on her side letting Tony squeeze his cock into her tight arse. With him jabbing away, she fills her fanny with fingers. Finally Suzie takes Tony's load in her open mouth and spunky bubbles drip from her lips. He sits up ... just a dream.

Her hair in bunches, Elizabeth sits flicking through her photo album with Stefan. There's her aunts and her cousins, her uncle's and friends. Stefan is finding it hard to look interested. He perks up when they come across the pictures of Elizabeth's bum. She bends over, lifting her short skirt to prove it's her, pulling her white panties tight into her snatch - it's her OK, Stefan slips his fingers into her pussy, Elizabeth feels for his cock and starts to wank the bulge in his pants. Stefan's dick out, Elizabeth probes her tonsils with it, clasping his balls as she sucks. Sliding down the spit-covered shaft, Elizabeth wiggles her hips. The couple tumble onto their sides, Stefan moving his cock into her arse. Upright again, the action continues reverse cowgirl, Elizabeth jumping off to catch Stefan's cream in her mouth and trickling it onto her body.

Decently paced, the movie has enough variation to keep the interest going and, though there is no direct connection between the scenes, the film hangs together quite nicely. It's also good to see the action is played out in a variety of 'realistic' settings. The Adult Channel and Quango Posh have produced a first-class film which is worth two hours of anyone's time.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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