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Released: 2006
Director: Tony Goodfellow & Vinny Bones
Notes: Rude Britannia / Whitecliffs Productions
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Running time: 142 mins.

With its wobbly camera work, poor lighting and cramped bedroom 'sets', All British All Natural 2 looks very much like a home-made effort. The question is how did professional performers such as Alexis and Josephine end up in such a film.

Tied up in Josephine's bedroom, Vinny (Richard) watches as she lifts her big boobs out of her black bustier and licks at her nipples. Teasing him, she holds them just out of reach, then moves down to lap at his balls. Sandwiching Vinny's face in her cleavage, Jo slips off her knickers and starts to finger. Sinking to the floor, she opens her legs and starts to wank with a vibrator. The scene abruptly ends.

In black bra and panties, Alexis pole dances on a stage the size of a telephone box, Vinny sits in what appears to be the only seat. The camera jerks and jumps as Alexis strips and caresses her tits. CUT.

Jo is tied to a single bed which almost fills the room. Alexis and Vinny join her. The picture joggles as the cameraman squeezes along the side of the bed. Boobs out, Alexis leans forward. They dangle down as she fills her face with prick. Climbing onto the bed, she chews at Jo's nipples making her giggle. Knickers off, Alexis licks at Jo's stocking covered legs as she is shagged spoons. Untied, Jo tastes the dick then eases it into her pussy. The three roll around the tiny bed fucking and sucking till Vinny is ready to cum. He covers the girls' tits.

With a loud buzz on the soundtrack, Vinny and Emily sit smoking in an untidy sitting room while he recounts the tale of his session with Alexis and Jo, his leg nervously bouncing on the sofa. The two head for the bedroom. Dropping her silk gown, Emily stands in her tight black PVC dress showing all her bulges and ripples. She bends to suck at Vinny's cock. Stripped, she kicks off her shoes and slowly wanks as she climbs onto the bed. She slides her shaven pussy down Vinny's shaft and he grabs and gropes at her tits. A guy stands in the doorway hands on hips. To a second bedroom and Emily is back on Vinny's cock. The cameraman fiddles with his lights as the pair fuck. Missionary is followed by doggy and spoons, Vinny eventually cumming over Emily's tits.

Solidly-made Victoria opens the door for Vinny. They enter the lounge where, dropping to the floor, she removes her blouse and bra, letting her tits sag down. His trousers removed, Victoria swallows his length then engulfs it between her mighty breasts. She lies back on the sofa and the folds in her belly almost obscure Vinny's finger fucking. Her body shakes and quakes as the two shag. A quick tit wank and it's down on all fours to be filled from behind. Reverse cowgirl and missionary follow before Vinny drops his load on Victoria's nipples.

Wrapped in a towel, Vinny sits in a hotel room. He phones for a girl with big boobs. Nikita Devine arrives and releaves him of his cash. Fingering her pussy she rests her tits on Vinny's thigh as she gives him a blow job. Blouse off she smothers him with her boobs, then the two move to the bed. Vinny chews at Nikita's chunky pussy lips, then jabs his fingers into her moist hole. She stretches herself open wide and his cock enters her cunt. Tasting her juices from his dick, Nikita reaches for her arse. She moves and, crouching over his cock, slips it up her bum and grinds against his balls. A little more tit licking and it's down on hands and knees to have both holes filled, Vinny popping a vibrator into her pussy as he bashes her bum. The scene ends with a squirt of spunk on Nikita's tits.

The cramped bedrooms and close-ups of unidentifiable flesh make this film seem very claustrophobic. There is also not enough variation in the action to justify the length of some of the scenes. Add the buzzing and poor camera work and it's hard to work out why Rude Britannia released the film. It may appeal to someone, but I don't know who.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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