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Released: 2008
Director: Big Jim
Notes: Union Films (originally a Television X series)
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 100 mins.

Originally shot as a series for TVX, Big Jim's film Asian Delight is now released as an R18. The film differs from the norm with Amanda Pickering, Yu Liu, Leah Jaye, Michelle and Sahara all appearing in four longish scenes instead of the regulation five.

Over a cup of tea in the kitchen, Sahara and Michelle are discussing their shopping bargains when Sahara drops a bombshell - she's about to get married! Her only regret is that she's never been with a white guy. A knock on the door ushers in Michelle's surprise. Ian Tait has popped round to fulfill Sahara's wish. The girls run their hands over Ian's crotch as he pulls and bites at Sahara's boobs. Michelle loosens her bra to let Ian and Sahara lick her tits. The girls crouch to fill their mouths with Ian's cheb. Climbing onto the work top, Michelle spreads her legs and Sahara licks her. Ian works his fingers into the girls' pussies before taking Michelle over the bench. The cameraman's reflection is caught in the polished oven door as he pans across the room. Falling to the floor, Michelle positions herself over Ian's face while Sahara slides down his cock. She twists round to face Ian and pops his prick into her bum. The girls 69. Ian moves to fill Michelle's arse. The two turn side-by-side. Ian wanks his load over the girls' backs. They lick the last few drops from his knob.

Preparing for a night out, Amanda and Yu are dressed in slinky black dresses. Amanda starts to stroke Yu's long black hair. The girls' lips move closer and closer. Kissing, they drop on to the bed. Undoing Yu's halter neck top, Amanda tongues and teases Yu's erect nipples. The thought of a night out seemingly goes out of the window as the pair slip out of their sexy dresses. Knickers off, the two start fingering one another. Amanda screws round to lick Yu's glistening wet pussy. The toys come out and Yu eases one between Amanda's legs. Finding a glass rod, Amanda jams it into Yu and moves to rub herself on the free end. The two 69, jabbing toys into each other. Yu takes a glass plug in her arse. Eventually, they climax and kiss.

In pointy-toed stilettos and a grey suit, Leah paces across the room remonstrating with Danny and James. Telling the two to drop their trousers, Leah is disappointed with what she finds. Perhaps a strip may stiffen things up. Her jacket and skirt off, Leah leans forward to lick their dicks. With the guys hardening up, she kneels and takes turns feeding them down her throat, before cramming both cocks into her mouth. Climbing onto the bed, Leah invites the two to finger her pussy and arse. She chews on one cheb as a second cock fills her pussy. Taking control, Leah puts the boys on their backs and eases a dick into her arse, past her black panties. A little missionary work for the two, then Leah is back to some anal riding. Sitting up, the boys jerk their cream over her face. Leah is happy with their performance.

Naturalistic acting is not one of Sahara's strong suits as she tells Jay how much she wants to win the beauty competition he's judging. Peeling down her black dress, she wants to know if there's anything that might help her to win. Bending forward, he bites at her boobs and his hand finds its way into Sahara's knickers. It turns out there might be. Stripping down to her black stockings, Sahara lazes across Jay's thigh and caresses the front of his trousers. His cock out, her head bobs up and down on its length. She strokes at his balls. Pushed onto her back, Sahara parts her pussy lips for Jay to lick. His tongue wanders down to her arse. Placing the tip of his dick against Sahara's shaven snatch, Jay rams in hard. She moans. Dropping on to all fours, Jay bangs in doggy. Sahara's slim frame jolts with every thrust. Jay rolls onto his back. Sahara mounts his manhood and gyrates. Jay jumps up and jerks at his cock. A shower of spunk lands on Sahara's tongue. Dribbling over her chin, it drips on to her tits.

With the exception of the cameraman's reflection in the first scene, Asian Delight is a well put together and well performed film. Having four decent length scenes, instead of five shorter ones, makes all the difference, allowing the action to develop rather than being rushed. With two scenes featuring her, Asian Delight is a must for Sahara fans and a decent addition to the collection for everyone else.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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