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Released: 2007
Notes: DVM Enterprises
Notes and Reviews

It's an all amateur affair down at the noisy south London studios of DVM. Five girls pair off across four scenes of girl on girl action which rarely rise above the perfunctory. The proceedings are badly filmed and badly lit with a strong colour cast. You've got to admire the producers for having the cheek to ask for payment for this stuff. Almost worth the money for Scarlett who has a nice body and a terrific pair of titties, but then you can see her getting fucked in Filthy British First Timers.

Obvious amateurs Becky and Trisha pair up for the first scene. The girls slip out of their bras and pants and start to lick each other, moving on to share a double ender with some enthusiasm. There is some authentic kissing before Becky tries a clit tickler and dildo in Trisha's tight pussy. Bigger girl Becky is noticably slacker when she gets the vibrator and tickler used on her. Ends with a little banter from both girls reviewing their performances.

Hannah introduces herself as Sandie and Scarlett is captioned as Gemma as the thread of serious amatuerism continues through this production. Hannah takes the lead as Scarlett admits this is only her second shoot. Removing her black dress and strapping on a false phallus, Hannah bends slim Scarlett over and fucks her doggy and missionary on the bed. Still in her white vest, Scarlett massages and licks Hannah's pussy before mutual oral in 69 in a pretty limp scene.

Becky and Kylie can't wait to get started, kissing, undressing and then ramming a double ender up each other in turn. There's enough hard pushing to make the girls' gasps and groans appear authentic and they finally manage to manoeuvre a pussy onto each end and come.

Kylie and Louise are fairly plain girls, casually dressed in jeans and tops, but once Louise strips and Kylie gets her neat body out of her jeans, revealing black patterned stockings, things start to warm up. The girly giggling enhances the sexual action as the pair kiss and lick each other, before trying out a couple of vibrators and a double ender which get the girls aroused. A wine bottle and a few candles are also used in this nicely erotic scene.

Review by Bayleaf
September 2007

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